Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lovin me some froyo!

It just opened in Springfield! We didn't have any place to get yummy frozen yogurt since TCBY closed. Even then, TCBY was kinda yuck at times. We are soooo super excited. We decided to hit it up last night. It was busy, but it moved really fast. It was decorated really cool. They had lots of different flavors to choose from, plus a ton of toppings.
We enjoyed our cups of goodness while sitting on the bed of the truck.
It was a wonderful night!

I got vanilla, peach and strawberry yogurt. My toppings were too many to remember! haha! I was on sensory overload and couldn't decide on just one or two!

Tim got vanilla, chocolate and coffee I think. He went for a theme and got all chocolate related toppings.

It was sooooo good!
Now we will just have to practice some self control so we don't find
ourselves there everyday! heehee.
Well, I guess I could just get the vanilla, fresh berries and granola to be
smart about it. :)
Happy Saturday!


AmyK said...

Oooh, neat! I'm a little jealous! We don't have anything even remotely cool like that around here. Looks delish and like a fun night!

chelsea rebecca said...

AHH deliciousness!
i love fro yo!!
i remember the first time i went i got so many toppings it weighed about a pound! hahah.

chelsea rebecca said...
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Shelley Ann said...

mmm fro-yo is the best! theres a place that just opened up not too far from me that ive visited a few times! your flavors sound like they would be delicious together!

ALFIE said...

wish we had one of these places here in MI!

Anonymous said...

Hi Manders!! I got caught up on all your blogs including your
100th!! Congratulations! You are the best blogger ever. I'm glad to see the giant marshmellows made it on the blog - cute pics of them!! Love the pics of the new froyo too. Dad and I will have to try it soon. It looks yummy.

Juggling Thoughts @ One Fine Wire said...

PS - I'm your newest follower!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Now I am craving some frozen yogurt! This looks sooo yummy! I wish there was one here.

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

I just came across your blog and its SO cute!!

Yogurt/icecream is my weakness too!!

A Wedding Story said...

How fun! That sounds so scrumptious!

EmmyLou said...

That's weird that it's self serve! So much fun though! And it looks DELICIOUS!! :) xx

Connie said...

You've convinced me to try the Orange leaf down the street from me! I thought I could avoid it (since I've never had it and didn't know what I was missing..i've never seen one before even) but now I will feel gipped if I don't partake :p

Michelle (michabella) said...

IM OBSESSED with frozen yogurt! All these amazing froyo bars are opening up! LOVE IT! <333