Saturday, July 31, 2010

Recycle, Reduse, Reuse.....

Happy Saturday! I have just been chillin so far! :)

Well....I am super excited! In previous posts I have told you that we are redecorating our bedroom. So, last night we were moving some of the furniture we were wanting to sell out to our garage. While we were moving it, we kept saying to each other what a nice piece of furniture it was. How it is was solid wood and still in good condition....etc! Then all of a sudden a light bulb came on in hubby's head! He came up with the idea that we could re purpose this piece of furniture to become our new sideboard/buffet for our kitchen!!! I immediately got excited and and couldn't believe I hadn't already thought of that! (this is why i married that man!!) You see....our tiny kitchen cart has broke! It was a cheapy that we had bought when we got married and it bit the dust a few weeks ago. We have been looking around for something to replace it. Everything we looked at was several hundred dollars!!! We just didn't want to spend that much right now (since we are going to the beach in a few weeks!!!!) So this brings us to....
Exhibit A:
This is our old vanity/dresser! Fun Fact: I got this when I was around 9 years old! So that makes this somewhere around 16 years old! It is still in great just needs a little love! :)

Exhibit B:

This lovely buffet from Pottery Barn! LOVE! But I don't love the $1,000 price tag! boo! Do you see the possibility of turning our old vanity into a gorgeous pottery barn lookalike?! We totally do. I can't wait. We are going to play with different painting it. I love painted furniture! So, we have a lot of work before us. But I think it will be awesome!

I love the thought that we are recycling and it makes me feel like I'm on an HGTV show or something!!! :) Sorry, I'm a dork! I will keep you posted. Any ideas? Send them my way!!!!
I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


the chirpy bird said...

Adorable blog and fab dresser! There's nothing like those family furniture pieces that just give getting new life breathed into them! I say keep them in the family!
xo tash

Anonymous said...

I like this idea! In our guest room, I painted my husband's childhood furniture and changed the knobs/drawer pulls to update it and make it like new without having to spend much money. Can't wait to see the makeover :)

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Good luck, that sounds like a fun project!

Anonymous said...

I think push the wood panel out, put in glass,and a shelf in there, change the drawer pulls to match the kitchen cabinets or nice metal ones, and paint! and WA LA better than a Pottery Barn!
I can never figure out how to post with my user name!

Anonymous said...

Hey Manders!! I LOVE your blog. I think you are the best blogger in the whole wide world. I know if anyone can figure out how to transform your old dresser into a buffet, you and Timmy can. Then one day when you have kids, you can transform it back into a dresser for the little ones!! LOVE IT and I LOVE U !! Momsy

chelsea rebecca said...

i love this idea!
what a great project!!!

Juggling Thoughts @ One Fine Wire said...

Good work and good eye - you could totally do it :) I look forward to seeing what you come up with!