Thursday, August 2, 2012

My favorite thing to photograph….

DSCN6776I had been asked to share some more pictures of miss Eleanor!  I then realized I have hardly taken any pictures with my good camera.  They are basically all cell phone pics.  I guess with a little one, you only have time to grab your phone really quick when a photo op arises!  That is one of my goals….to take more pictures with my good camera. 

E after her bath! 

E looks so tiny in this picture!  She has really gotten big compared to this… but I looooooved this outfit! :)


E LOVES playtime under her activity gym!  This entertains her for a very long time.  It’s stinkin cute to watch her!


This is definitely my most favorite picture of E!  She looks like such a little diva!  And she was totally asleep under those shades. ha!


Shortly after that picture, her headband fell down her face and I didn’t realize it for awhile.  We have no idea how long it was like that! haha!  A little sleeping mask!


And I just think this picture is the sweetest!!!!!  We have the college students from church over a lot and E just gets passed around and normally loves it! 

Speaking of pictures….miss Eleanor is getting her 3 month pictures taken this Friday.  Her first professional pictures! :)  I’m so excited.  But also nervous because I hope she is in a good mood!  ha!  We are doing them outside…and as you know the midwest is in a heatwave!!!!  We plan to leave the car running so we can take AC breaks during her shoot. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!!!! 

Oh don’t you think the Olympics should be on all the time?  It is basically all we have watched!  The benefits of being home during the day….you get to watch the more interesting sports.  Currently white water rafting is on.  I find it rather exciting!




Lauren said...

love all these pictures! I think I have the exact opposite problem...we probably have TOO many photos of Elyse! Nick had this idea he wanted at least one picture from every single day of her life, which when you're dealing with a newborn that means you have to take at least 8-10 to get a good one! ha!

Have fun with your photos...I'm sure miss Eleanor will be a little photo star!

Beth Ann said...

She is such a little sweetheart. In looking on etsy, etc. for 1st birthday stuff for H, I have seen a couple REALLY cute fruit themes. I thought of you! E can have a fruity first birthday party one day a looong, looong time from now. ;)

Brittney Galloway said...

Sweet pictures! And she has just the most precious little mouth and lips! So tiny!

Jessica said...

She's gorgeous!!!

Theresa said...

Such a cutie! Thanks for the picture update :)

Amanda said...

Oh, those sunglasses are awesome! You have an adorable baby girl! It seems like we go through phases where we take a bunch of pictures one month and then barely take any the next month. So far, this month of Natalie's life has not been documented very well! Gotta get on the ball! It's so much fun, but a little bitter sweet, to go back and see how they have changed.

Anonymous said...

Cutie! I love diva pictures! We leave our nice camera lying out so we remember to take random pictures. If we put it away, that doesn't happen. Just my tip of the day :)

Ryan V. said...

She is a little dollbaby!! So sweet