Sunday, July 22, 2012

If you really knew me….

If you really knew me…..

You would know that I am obsessed with my dog Maddie!  I was absolutely terrified that I wouldn’t want her after Eleanor came….but I’m still just as obsessed with her!  Whew.  Someone had told me while I was pregnant that once I had a baby I wouldn’t want my dog anymore.  Whatev. 

You would know that I love the color pink!

You would know that I am a worry wart.  However, this is something that I am truly truly working on in my life.  I don’t want my problem with worry to rub off on my sweet Eleanor.  Plus, it’s just wrong!  See ya worry. 

You would know that I love all things fruit.  Always have always will.  Call me weird. Thankfully, little girl clothes have all sorts of fruit prints and that makes my heart sing! 

You would know that I always try to be outgoing, but I am a true homebody.  I would always pick staying at home over going out.  But Mr. Tim brings out my outgoing side.  We definitely compliment each other. 

You would know that I love the Lord with all my heart!  I’m not perfect….and especially with the speed bump of motherhood….I’m always learning and growing.   I want to continue to grow closer to Him and grow during this new season of my life. 

You would know that I hate having anyone see my house messy.  I like to fool people into thinking that my house is always clean.  Again my hubby is the complete opposite!  He doesn’t mind letting people come over no matter what the house looks like!!!! 

You would know that my dream is to have a little family business.  Something like a bakery, flower shop, boutique or a photography biz.  I have such passion for creative things! 

You would know that I don’t have enough confidence in myself to ever step out and start my own business. 

You would know that I love to look nice and have my makeup pretty, nails done, cute clothes etc.  But you would also know that hate spending money on myself, so I make due with what I have most of the time. 

You would know that I love me some soda!!! You would also know that after being pregnant and now breastfeeding, I have dramatically limited my soda intake for my health and E’s health.  I still love it though.  I just enjoy it more when I do have it! 

You would know that I consider breastfeeding to be one of my greatest accomplishments in life!  You might think I’m crazy if breastfeeding was easy peasy for you.  (lucky you!)  But everyday I am thankful that I kept going when I really really really wanted to quit during those first weeks.  It is easy now and I can hardly remember how hard it was for me at the beginning.  It’s kind of like pregnancy and labor right?  Women forget the pain, and keep having more kids! 

You would know that I love my husband with all my heart!!!!! 

You would know that I laugh during the parts of movies that no one else laughs at. 

You would know that I love to laugh.

You would know that I don’t like driving on highways. 

You would know that I love hosting and I wish I had a bigger house because I would host all the time! 

You would know that I am a holiday nut!!!!!!  I love decorating for every holiday no matter how big or small.  I am so excited to decorate E’s room for the holidays!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me better! 




Amanda said...

If you have a dream of opening a small business someday, go for it! Don't be afraid! :) All your ideas sound like fun! And I know what you mean about the breastfeeding thing. We got off to a horrible start, but after two and a half months, it was FINALLY smooth sailing!

Emily said...

Such a fun post, though I am missing pictures of little miss E-please post more! :) I feel the same way about our dog, Louie. I can't imagine not wanting him after having a baby because he would still be part of our family, but people have told me that too. I agree, whatev!

Jessica said...

Love this post!! Pink is my fave too ;)

Lauren said...

such a sweet, sweet post! Bogey has taken a little bit of a backseat, but Elyse just loves him & he's definitely still our first born!

cait said...

love this!! wanna do a post similar! :)

I am right with you on the small business adventure. I have a name, and idea and everything. I just need to take a leap (and maybe find some cash to help get things started ;)

And right with you on the breastfeeding thing. SO amazingly worth it and I am so passionate about helping other ladies understand that! Go you for sticking with it for that sweet girl's sake!!

Oh and I'm a total soda-holic too! :D