Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Adventures of E & M


I love looking back through Eleanor’s pictures from the first 3 months of her life!  The tears just FLOW!  But….I can’t help but laugh at all the pictures we have of Eleanor and our first born….Maddie.  Everywhere E goes, M is right behind.  It is so precious. 

Maddie has done so great with her sister!  The only thing she has really struggled with (and still struggles with) is taking Eleanor’s toys.  Maddie just can’t figure out why she can’t play with them too. 


Both girls just hanging out on a Saturday morning….


Maddie bringing her toy to Eleanor.  She wants Eleanor to throw it!  ha!


Jealous that dad is holding sister and not her!


Hey….I want in the pictures tooooooo!


Helping with tummy time!


That looks like a fun donut pillow.  I like donuts…..

And the last picture is of their first interaction with each other!  That was Eleanor’s first week home. 

Just melts my heart! 

Well, I have a sleeping baby and a sleeping fur baby at the moment.  So I think I’m off to enjoy a cup of coffee! 




Mrs. S said...

so sweet! i've been trying to tell our Ellie what is about to happen-- she's not getting it!

Emily said...

oh I just die, they are so cute! I love the Maddie is somewhat jealous but not in a dangerous way! I wonder how Louie will handle a baby?

Theresa said...

The jealous that Daddy is holding the baby and the donut pillow one are hysterical! Seriously, they should be on a greeting card or something.

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

It really is good for infants to grow up with dogs. It makes a big impact on their immune system in such a positive way! Go dogs...such cute pictures!!

Lauren said...

love this! they are going to be best buds for life!

Jessica said...

Hahaha love this! They're both so cute ;)