Thursday, August 30, 2012

And she has found her thumb….


We had Eleanor’s 3 month pictures done a few weeks ago!  Our photographer sent me a sneak peak and I just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want to blow this one up really big and hang it on my wall for everyone to see.  ha! 

Right now I feel like our little peanut girl is changing more than ever.  Everyday it seems she is doing so many new things.  I keep jotting things down on a piece of paper cause I don’t want to forget all her firsts.  Later I plan to write everything down with pretty handwriting in her book! :)

She turned 4 months last week.  And I guess at 4 months she has decided that all she wants to do is suck her thumb!  Oh my! She is seriously obsessed with it and there is no stopping her.  When we get her up in the morning…..thumb in.  When we get her out of her car seat…..thumb in.  It’s nuts! 

I absolutely stinkin LOVE LOVE LOVE being Eleanor’s momma!!!!!!! 

Our days with her have been so precious and special.  And I cherish every second. 

Thank you Lord for my sweet girl.


Emily said...

oh my goodness, that picture of E is stunning. I bet you can't wait to see the rest of her photos!

Jessica said...

MORE PICTURES!! She's changing so much. What a sweetie.

Theresa said...

Precious! I used to write things down on scraps of paper too. Someone suggested I write things right on my wall calendar and I thought that was such a great idea! Then I had calendars put away with the baby books waiting for me to transfer the information ;)

Lauren said...

absolutely LOVE this picture! Definitely frameworthy in a big giant print!

Diana said...

Beautiful photo! Cant wait to see the rest.

Brittney Galloway said...

Four months! I can not believe it! and that picture is adorable! I love the lighting and her expression!

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

Beautiful! Already four months!? Where has the time gone!????