Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eleanor’s first 2 weeks

I can’t believe Eleanor is 2 weeks old!!!!  I’m sure I will be saying this every week of her life!  I am trying to stop and savor every single moment because I know it is going to go by so fast.  I have already spent time crying about the fact that she looks bigger already! haha! 


I had this picture on my phone and I had to share it… is the last picture we have of Eleanor in my tummy!  This was right before we went into labor & delivery.  This picture means so much to me!

I wanted to just share a little bit about Eleanor……

She is the sweetest little thing ever!  We are smitten by her.

She has the most expressive hands!  She is always doing crazy things with her arms and hands.  And everyone comments on how long her fingers are.  Girlfriend will hopefully like the piano!

My favorite time with Eleanor is when she takes a nap on my chest.  I wouldn’t mind if she stayed there all day.  That is also Tim’s favorite time with her too. 

Newborn clothes are ginormous on E!!!!  It is so hard to find preemie clothes in the stores.  My parents went out to buy what they could find.  They fit her good, except for the length. 

We are trying to get the hang of things around our house.  Her doctor told us that since she was a preemie, she is still developing and to be patient.  For instance, she wasn’t suppose to develop her ability to suck until 37 weeks.  The doctor said she will be a slow breastfeeder too because of that.  So, we are being patient and just enjoying our time while she is so tiny! 

Sleep is something she is kind of half & half on.  Some nights are fine and other nights are ugh…..not so fine!  haha!  I am on the hunt for sleep tips and I just purchased The Happiest Baby on the Block book too. 

I am in love with all the faces she makes!  They are so sweet and some are sooooo funny!  I just stare at her. 

For being a preemie she is an excellent eater!  We have not really had any problems breastfeeding yet.  I sure hope it stays that way.  That time is so precious! 





Those are just a few of the tons of pictures I have taken of our little peanut in the past 2 weeks!  Tim and I are constantly taking pictures of her with our cell phones! 

Oh and did I mention I love being a mom? 

It’s the greatest feeling and everyday is so special.  I am completely exhausted.  But just one look at my baby and just one little cuddle……it makes all the tiredness worth it!!!!  I am just trying to cherish every moment. 




Theresa said...

Thanks for sharing more beautiful pictures :) How precious!

Natalie said...

I am totally laughing about your first little blurb about everything going by too fast. I used to cry like every day saying 'callyn is FOUR days old!!' haha! :)
Eleanor is the most precious little cutie! so itty bitty and sweet. I just love her! So glad everything is going well for you. And so glad that breastfeeding is going well-what a blessing. Nursing has been some of the sweetest times for me & Callyn! I pray it's the same for you girls.

Rebekah said...

She is just beautiful! I'm so glad things are going well for you.

Breeann said...

Oh, and I am nominating you for a couple of blog awards! Check my blog on Wednesday to see the post :) xoxo

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

YAY MAMA! You are doooinggg great. I think the best way to "capture" and "cherish" the time is by documenting & photos. SO, you are right on track!! Also - glad she is good at nursing... I know that can be a struggle for so many women. :) Bless you dear!

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

Glad you are doing so well! Hang in there :)

Haley Galloway said...

So precious! Soak it up mama! Motherhood sure seems like it is fitting you perfectly :) She is BEAUTIFUL!

Lauren said...

she's so perfect and so tiny! and I'm so happy to hear that feeding is going well for you..breastfeeding is such a blessing so I hope it continues to go well for you!

Ryan V. said...

She's soooo sweet and tiny! Love her itty bitty face! Sounds like things are going well. :) We also have good nights and bad. I just remember they'll only be tiny for a SHORT time. Seriously, the time goes by SO SO SO fast! So glad bfeeding is going well! That is one of our favorite times as well. It is such a blessing. Keep taking those pics, you will never regret it! :)

Tami said...

She is THE sweetest little thing!! I'm so glad to hear that you are loving being a Mommy so much. It really is the most incredible feeling in the world and it only gets better each day! :) I agree that it is the very best when they sleep on your chest. Oh how I miss those tiny baby snuggles!

Beth Ann said...

It is so great that she's a good eater in spite of being a premie. You don't know how HUGE a blessing that is until you've had a difficult eater...take my word for it! ;) God is sparing you some BIG time stress there! ;)

She does look long! She is absolutely precious. Sleep tips- swaddle, white noise maker....and WHATEVER works and gets you some sleep. Holden slept in his bouncy seat for the first 2+ months of his life. He transitioned to his crib fine later. Desperate times call for desperate measures! :)

Anonymous said...

What a super cutie!! And holding my baby for naps when she was little was my favorite too! Enjoy it, I know you are!

Callie Nicole said...

She is so tiny and adorable!