Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Saturday everyone!
Yesterday was my daddy-o's birthday! He is the most wonderful, Godly man and I just love him so much!!! This is my dad.....he ALWAYS has a cup of coffee in hand! Seriously. I have no idea how many cups he drinks a day, but I'm sure it's in the double digits! haha! Coffee makes him so happy. Soooo... we got him a Starbucks gift card of course! :)
This is me and my dad over 5 years ago at my wedding rehearsal! I LOVE looking at this picture because just months before my wedding he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer and was very sick. We were not sure if he would be able to walk me down the aisle. Praise the Lord he was able to do so! Happy happy birthday daddy! I love you!
I don't have much planned today! We slept in and are just laying around the house today. It is enjoyable!!! :) I think I want to go window shopping today too! I don't know if I can convince Mr. Tim to go with me.
I hope everyone has a happy and blessed weekend!


Michelle (michabella) said...

Aw Happy Birthday to your Daddy! Thank you for continuing to think of me. Each day gets a little easier but I have my breakdown moments. Sigh. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! <333

Juggling Thoughts @ One Fine Wire said...

Do it, girl - he'll go with you! Have a great weekend too!

Anonymous said...

Dad's are the best! Happy birthday to yours!

Connie said...

Aww what a sweet post. Happy birthday to your Daddy!

Jessica said...

*waves sheepishly* New follower here! Stopped by to say hi, and Happy Belated Birthday to your pops! :)