Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guess what......

I don't have anything that I HAVE to do tonight!!! whoop whoop!!!! I'm so excited for this evening....I can't even describe.
Things I'm planning on enjoying this evening:
1) cook a lovely meal
2) sit on the couch and do nothing
3) go for a run....i might not enjoy this, but i'm doing it anyway!
4) sit on the couch
5) scrapbook
6) catch up on some tv shows
7) talk tim's ear off! hehe!
8) maybe try applying some self-tanner again....LOL!
9) paint my toe nails hot pink
10) play with miss maddie
11) hopefully go to bed before midnight!

Well, all of that sounds divine to me! Okay...well I might wash some dishes and finish our laundry somewhere in the mix too.
I hope everyone else has a fabulous evening too!
p.s. thanks for reading my blog! :)


Poppies and Sunshine said...

Glad you finally get to rest! Hope you have a wonderful evening!!

Baker Family said...

Hey Amanda! It was great to see you last night! Hope you are having a beautiful Monday :)