Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guess what i'm doing tonight.....


Yep, it's true!!! I am soooo excited!
Carrie is my favorite American Idol of all time! She has so much talent and it's so awesome how she was discovered on AI. I don't ever listen to country music...but I do follow Carrie. Tim surprised me with these tickets on Valentine's Day this year! It was so sweet. I really thought there was no chance at all of getting tickets because they sold out within an hour I think. But Mr. Tim and my sweet momma worked together and really surprised me! Mom made me an adorable collage of Carrie pics and it had a seating chart showing where my seats were!! It was so cute! It kinda made my valentine's gift to Tim look like soggy cereal! Oh well! So, tonight it is DATE NIGHT! Mr. Tim is taking me downtown to eat and then we are off to the concert! I am super pumped. Well, I'm sure I will be sharing with you tomorrow about how awesome it was....so I will talk to you then!
I hope everyone has a grrrrreat day! :)


Poppies and Sunshine said...

I love concerts! Hope you have a fantastic night!

Anonymous said...

I saw Carrie a few years ago in Branson. Super concert!! Glad you got to go. I would say she is probably the most successful American Idol winner. No wonder I didn't see you at choir practice last night! ha

~Lindsay~ said...

i am TOTALLY jealous!! i wanted to go to that concert so badly! i bet it was awesome!

~Lindsay~ said...

p.s. i LOVE carrie underwood too! :)