Thursday, September 4, 2008

We serve an awesome God!

Good Morning to one and all. I am in a pretty good mood this morning. I am enjoying the rain we have been having. I just finished a Bible study on Resting in Him. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I am just praising God because he is amazing. No matter what happens in this life, he is there. We can rest in His strength and power. We just have to completly put our faith and trust in Him. He is our strong tower, deliverer, sheild, our rock! He is mighty! I am just kinda pondering on all this today, and thought I would share it. I am looking forward to this weekend! I have nothing going on!!! WOW! That is a first in a long time. I think I might organize some things in the garage and office. I think we are going to close up our pool for the season too. How sad. But, I am way excited for fall. I love the crisp air and leaves. It is wonderful. I have a Lean Cuisine French Bread pizza for lunch today. Delicious. So, I am looking forward to that. I am going to the gym tonight like I promised yesterday. For real!

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Anonymous said...

Amanda you are so cute! We do serve an awesome God!! Thanks for working out with me tonight at the gym I loved it! Love you!