Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It is another lovely morning! We don't have the air on in our house anymore...just the windows open. I love it. But it was 64 in the house when I woke up this morning! Maddie has been driving me nuts lately! All night she barks and howls at the neighbor dogs since the windows are open. I have not been sleeping well cause of her!!! Bless her little heart...I guess?! Then I have to get up for work and Maddie just all cozy and warm in the bed sleeping! Sometimes I wish I were her for a day! Anyways! I am picking out an NFL team to cheer for this year. I don't normally watch NFL, but I want to. I am learning all about the different teams and then I am going to pick a team and follow them! I am kinda excited about it! Right now it is between the Colts, Chargers and the Vikings. Any suggestions from people out there? I am open! Tim said I could get a team shirt too! :) I have the best husband in the whole wide world! I am drinking a delicious Tropicana No Pulp orange juice right now! Delish! Oh, for all of my festive fall friends out there, this Saturday is my fall decorating day! Everyone should think about putting their's out too! We are approaching mid-September! It is time! I can't wait for Saturday! Love you all and happy decorating!!!


Baker Family said...

Go Chargers!! haha
Hello Amanda. We decorated our classroom for fall. Trying to get motivated to decorate the rest of the house and now you have challenged me! I will decorate also this Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I say Colts. They are a wonderful royal blue and white colrs. Peyton Manning is adorable. Hopeful they will get better than last week. I am ALL for the COLTS!! GO COLTS!!!
Love your M-I-L

Brandon said...

Go for the vikings! I say that because one of my Oklahoma Sooners went to that team- Adrian Peterson!