Saturday, November 3, 2012

Eleanor’s first Halloween!


Happy Halloween from the Shepard Fam!!!!! 

Little Eleanor was a punkin! :)

She got to go trick or treating for the first time at my mom’s work!  It was the cutest thing ever. 


I was so impressed by her treating abilities!  She knew how to reach in the bowl….she grabbed the candy….and then she dropped it in her bucket!  I know all mommas think this, but I was convinced she was genius! haha! 


I couldn’t find a black shirt for her to wear under her costume….so she ended up wearing a Christmas shirt! She was celebrating two holidays at once! 


And Eleanor’s mommy & daddy were hipsters for Halloween this year!!!! hahaha! 

Mr. Tim is wearing my scarf! :) 

We had a costume & chili party for the college students at church and it was so much fun!  I tried a chili recipe from and I was so not impressed! I am so bad about trying new recipes for people, when I should always try new recipes at home first! haha!  Does anyone else do that? 

I was thinking….I will be sad for the first Halloween that Eleanor won’t let me pick out her costume for her.  I guess I will enjoy it while it lasts! 

On the same note, today I am packing away her itty bitty clothes and it is BREAKING MY HEART!!!!!  ahhhhh.  Goodness….her preemie clothes were so small.  How is it that I can hardly remember holding her when she was that small? 

Oh and guess what?  I just ordered her a precious Thanksgiving dress, jammies and shirt! I so love dressing her for holidays!

Happy Saturday friends!!!!!! 




Beth Ann said...

Precious lil punkin! ;) You and your hubs look great, too...your hubs cracks me up!

Ashley Taylor said...

I packed up a full tub of BGT's clothes last weekend and cried the whole time. The past 6.5 months has flown by way too fast for me!

Emily said...

Precious!! Love the pumpkin coustume for Miss E!

Anonymous said...

She is soooo cute! Love it! And I love Tim wearing your scarf. Made me laugh out loud :) You guys are funny! And I hear you about putting away the little clothes. Hardest thing ever! I have to shop for baby girl in the "toddler" section at Target now. Talk about break my heart :)