Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

This year Tim and I decided that we would go all out and get a REAL CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was such a fun time!  I wasn’t sure how I would like it…..and how it would work out for us.  BUT…we have decided that we love it and it will be happening every year! :) 


We went out to the cutest tree farm!  On the way we stopped for a caramel mocha coffee.  Delightful!  We listened to Christmas music, Eleanor was talking away in the backseat, and we were talking about our first Christmas as a family of 4!  (we don’t forget little Maddie!) 



It was a perfect crisp morning for tree shopping! I loved all of the huge, fat trees.  Too bad we don’t have tall ceilings in our house. 



We chose a Nordman Fir tree!  It is beautiful!  I didn’t find this out until I googled it later….but Nordman’s are one of the best trees for families with children because they have great needle retention and they don’t have sharp needles! 


Here is my handsome hubby making a fresh cut on the bottom!

I was a little worried that we would have a Clark Griswald moment….but everything went well!  Merry Christmas to us! ha!

Ok….one little thing….when we set it up in the living room, it was much bigger than we thought and Tim had to do a little trimming so we could still have a star on top! :) 


I am in love with our tree and super happy that we went for the real deal!  I would definitely recommend it for a fun family outing!

We are in full Christmas mode now! I have been dressing E in all of her Christmas clothes, I got peppermint mocha creamer, Christmas candy on the coffee table and even a few gifts purchased.

Does anyone else get a real Christmas tree?


Ryan V. said...

Oh i love it!! I am declaring that this will be out last year with a "fake" tree!! We had artificial trees through my whole childhood, but I really want to try the real deal, too! I say this as I am setting up our fake one right now. haha I hope this is the last year for that. It looks great and little E is soooo cute with those little grins!

Emily said...

I love your Christmas tree! :) We have a 10ft fake one in our house and we can't get a star or anything on top so I understand!

Theresa said...

Love your tree! You did a great job decorating it. They always look bigger when they are in my house than in the tree farm for some reason ;) We've been getting real trees since we've been married. I love real Christmas trees and the fact that I don't have to store a fake one :)
Eleanor is so cute!

Jessica said...

Your tree is gorgeous! Baby girl looks so happy, so sweet.

Beth Ann said...

I love the fullness of your tree- I like a fat tree! ;)

Meg {henninglove} said...

yes a real christmas tree best decision ever! makes the whole house smell wonderful and creates great memories for the family

Lauren said...

where did you go?!? that tree farm looks awesome, and I didn't even know there were any good christmas tree places left around here!

maybe next year we'll venture out and get a real tree...i grew up having a real one, but went the artificial route a few years ago due to the mess!

Ashley Taylor said...

Love it!! Next year I think we will have to do this! I hope you are having as much fun with E and I am with BGT right now. She is at a great age for the holidays and I can't get enough of watching her take it all in. Happy holidays to your precious family!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, what a fun family outing!