Friday, October 5, 2012

Peanut’s first road trip.

We had our first family road trip!  Where to?

A Mizzou game of course! :)

The drive is only about 3 hours….but I was still nervous.  Plus we rode on a 15 passenger van with other MU fans!  So, I really didn’t want E crying the whole time.  I was also worried about how and when I was going to feed her since we were traveling with a bunch of people and a football game isn’t necessarily nursing friendly! 

Here was peanut on the drive to Columbia….


The trip there was perfection!  She didn’t cry or fuss one time!  whoohoo!  We stopped for lunch and I stayed in the van to nurse her.  That went well….so no worries there!  Then I joined everyone in the restaurant to eat. 

Oh another good thing….she didn’t have any blowouts on the trip!  Another thing I was worried about.  She is definitely a big pooper!!!

We got to the stadium in good shape!  We all got out of the van to hangout for a bit.  Most people come to tailgate, but we didn’t this time. 


We got peanut all dressed up in her cheerleading outfit for the game!  She was sooooo adorable I could hardly stand it!!!!!!!!





Then it was time to enter the ZOU……


E was just taking it all in!  There was so much for her to look at and enjoy!

Bringing a baby to a football game sure brings you a lot of attention too.  Goodness….I don’t know how many people stopped to talk to us about E!  haha! 


She was a very good girl for most of the game!  yahoo!  I brought the Baby Bijorn and she sat in that for the first half.  The other half she went back and forth between me and her daddy. 


It got a little chilly as the sun went down.  We had brought a hat for E but it was too small! haha!  We should have tried it on her before.  It must have been a newborn hat or she just has a large melon!  So, we bought her a hat at the team store!


It kind of made her look like a boy….but she was still wearing her cheerleading outfit……so…….

We had to leave our seats once because she was fussing pretty bad and I felt bad for those around me.  It was about time for her to eat anyway.  I had packed a bottle with formula for this very moment! ha!  I was not sure where to nurse her at in the stadium?  I didn’t want to in the bleachers! I have nursed her before on a toilet (at church) but I didn’t feel like doing that in a nasty bathroom.  So, bottle it was!  I would be interested to know…..where is the strangest place you have nursed your baby?  haha!  Mine is the toilet! :)

Tim and I headed back to the van just a bit earlier than everyone else so we could get E ready for “bed”.  We changed her dipe, put her in jammies and I nursed her.  Then it was time for her carseat.  She slept the whole drive home!!!! yay!  When we got home, she transitioned to her crib just fine. 

So I would call that a successful first road trip!!! 

I love taking Eleanor new places!  It sure is a lot of work…..but it is so much fun!!!!!

Go Tigers!




Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness she is adorable in that cheerleading outfit! It sounds like a perfect trip, and just the right length of car ride. Glad everything went so smoothly!

Natalie said...

ahhhh, the life of a nursing Mama!!! Go you! And Go E! A successful trip :) I can't think of the weirdest place I've ever nursed...probably lots of them, haha! I miss nursing a lot, but I definitely don't miss the logistics of days like this-trying to figure out when and where you can make it happen :) Callyn would never take a bottle so that was never an option. I guess I usually just found my way back to the car or something! But we never went to a football game ;) Good for you guys for not letting having a baby stop you from doing fun things!

Jessica said...

Ah! That cheerleader outfit is adorable!

I've breastfed just about everywhere. Restaurants, bathrooms, the car, malls, peoples homes... everywhere!

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

oh my dear lord - she is PRECIOUS!!!

Theresa said...

You guys are brave! I don't think I would have been able to do a game like that with a baby. She looks so cute in her cheerleading outfit.
Doesn't your church have a nursing mothers' room? No one should ever have to breastfeed in a bathroom. I remember I was at a restaurant once and asked the hostess if there was a quiet place where I could nurse. There was half the restaurant that wasn't even being used so I thought maybe she'd suggest I go in there. No! She told me I could go in the ladies' restroom. I did because I didn't want to make waves at my nephew's party but I felt so disgusting in there. Never again!
I used to nurse my son in the sling walking around in the mall. No one could tell and he was quiet :)

Lauren said...

that outfit is tooo stinkin' precious!

and yes, the life of a nursing mama! The weirdest place I've ever nursed was at the STL Cardinals game. According to the website they have rooms for nursing mothers & to find an usher for access...well the nursing room was basically just a little corner in the ladies bathroom with a bench & no door! ha! I had a bottle, but decided to just bite the bullet and do it!

Breeann said...

Oh my gosh, she is so stinkin' adorable in that outfit! I can't believe how big she is getting! :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

She is so cute!! And good for you guys for being adventurous! The logistics of babies eating/sleeping is always tricky!