Thursday, September 20, 2012

5 months later


So this picture you see here is our first unofficial date night since Eleanor joined us in April!  I only call it a date night because Eleanor was not with us.  We went to a teacher appreciation banquet at our church! haha!  So not exactly a romantic date. :)

I find that I am eating my words quite a bit lately.  I always said that we would NEVER have a problem scheduling date nights when Eleanor came.  Boy was I wrong.  I always heard about couples who would let months and months go by without going on a date…..and I thought that was so silly.  Why in the world can’t they go on a date?  Do they not want to?  What’s the deal? 

I’m sad to say that we haven’t even been to a fast food restaurant alone yet!

Our problem is not that we don’t want to.  We realllllly want to!!!!!!!  We are very much love birds and always talk about date nights……they just never happen.

Here are the roadblocks we need to tackle:

#1:  TIME!  I think this is our main issue.  We seriously have so much on our plates.  I won’t go into our schedules etc…..but we are always booked to the max.  When it comes to parenting, work, school, church, home maintenance, the college ministry and maintaining family and  friendships….we don’t have spare time.  The occasional weekend or evening that we don’t have anything planned….all we want to do is lay around the house with Eleanor and just relax.  And we truly LOVE that time!!!!  But we know date night time is different.  Focusing on each other completely is different. 

Honestly I can’t think of any other roadblocks.  Finding a sitter is not the problem.  We have an abundance of people that would be willing to watch our little peanut!  Very thankful for that! 

Ideas for dates or a desire is definitely not the problem either! 

So I think it comes down to cutting something out of the schedule at least once a month in order to have a date!  I think we are going to have to plan them in advance and hold to that date no matter what!!!! 

We believe our relationship comes first and foremost!  We can’t be the parents we need to be to Eleanor if our relationship is not solid and strong.  So we are planning one very very soon!  And then we are going to plan them, put them on the calendar and stick to it!!!

I love my hubby with all my heart!!!!!!!

Here’s to lots of future date nights, days or whatever we might plan! :)


So, do you ladies with little ones have any date advice?  How do make it happen?




Emily said...

Humm...I was thinking the same thing about when Baby D arrives. I guess I should just prepare myself to be very, very wrong. You and your hubs are too cute!

Stephanie said...

We got a friend on board to watch Chloe every once in a while so we could go out, we did it twice back in July, and haven't done it since. Time really is the biggest factor for us too, and finding time to plan something is what keeps us from following through - but I know it's important to keep up our relationship, so we gotta make it work! Even if it's just a date night on the couch after the baby goes to bed, or movie night, I would count that as a date.

Jessica said...

It's so hard to schedule time for ourselves! Try putting little one down early at night, and having date night at home? Candle light dinner? :D

Lauren said...

oh girl, you definitely need to take the time...these have been some of the most precious times for Hubby & I, even if it's just a few hours where we leave Elyse and go to Target least we're together, and alone!

Theresa said...

Our youngest is seven and I still don't have the date night thing down. Our friends who have been married for many years have one once a week, every week. He has it written in on his weekly planner before scheduling anything else.

Rachel said...

I'll be coming back to check what people have advised. We're 9 days into this parenting thing and the thought of a date night is a distant dream!