Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A beautiful 7 years….


Monday was our 7 year anniversary!!!! 

7 years sounds like such a long time.  But honestly it feels like the blink of an eye.  If you asked us, we would tell you we still feel like newlyweds! 

Life goes by so fast, I often forget that I am in my late twenties (boo!), I’m not a newlywed anymore and I’m an actual adult. 

With that being said….I love exactly where I am at!  I have an incredible husband!!!!  And this year a precious 3 month old to celebrate with us.  Oh and I can’t forget our first born….Maddie.

God has been so good to us.

So I wanted to reminisce a little bit….

This was husband and I in our very first house.

Picture 002

Picture 055


Pics 012










And that is our most recent picture on the 4th of July! 

Looking back through these pictures makes my heart so happy!!!!! 

I love my husband with all that I am!  Life is so sweet together. 


Happy Anniversary my love!


Theresa said...

Happy Anniversary Tim and Amanda! What beautiful pictures that reflect a beautiful love story.

Tami said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved seeing all of your old pictures. You guys are the cutest! Also, the picture of you looking at E right after she was born made me tear up! The look of pure loveon your face is just beautiful!!

Haley Galloway said...

Happy Anniversary! You two seem like you are so in love and such a fun couple. Here's to many more happy years for you and your beautiful family!

Sarah said...

A happy anniversary to you too, my sweet friend! I am glad you are still newlyweds even with little baby! Keep it up :)

Natalie said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!!!

Stephanie said...

As a new follower I enjoyed seeing all these pictures of you two over the years. Happy anniversary!!

Lauren said...

happy anniversary girl! love all the pics!

Breeann said...

So sweet! Happy anniversary!! xoxo

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary! May you enjoy many, many more years together!

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

So stinkin' sweet!!!

Callie Nicole said...

Aw, happy anniversary, Amanda!