Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Salvation Story


Today on Callie’s blog she is hosting a link-up to share your Salvation Story!  I think this is such a great idea!  I have never actually shared my full testimony on my blog before…so I’m very thankful that Callie had the idea to do this. 

I am blessed that I have been in church since I was in the womb.  My parents were faithful to bring me to church no matter what was going on in their life.  I was able to hear about Jesus many, many times growing up. 

Well, I was a very stubborn and hard headed little girl.  I had heard about what Jesus did for me and how He loved me, but I was stubborn and was not going to make any decisions until I was ready.  I even went to Sunday School and VBS after VBS and I still hadn’t decided to make a decision. 

I remember how burdened my family was for me…even though I was only in Elementary school.  They always prayed for me and would ask me if I had any questions or wanted to talk about it.

When I was 11 years old, I had just finished 5th grade, I went on my very first youth trip.  The Gospel was preached very powerfully!  I felt God tugging at my heart and I knew I wanted to give Him my life….but I just wouldn’t trust Him.  There was a girl next to me that was nudging me and telling me I should “do it” and I caved and went forward to tell people I wanted to become a Christian.  That wasn’t a decision I had truly made and I didn’t really didn’t become a Christian that day.  Sadly I lived like that all through my school days.  I never did anything “bad”.  I was a very good girl.  And honestly….I loved God and wanted to do good things.  But I didn’t have a relationship with Him and I didn’t know Him. 

*Just knowing about God and knowing Bible stories won’t get you to Heaven.  Doing good things and being a nice person won’t get you to Heaven.*

What a stubborn girl I was! 

I got married when I was almost 21.  My husband thought I was a Christian and I thought he was a Christian.  But we were both living a lie.  We loved each other and had a pretty good marriage….but something was definitely missing. 

*I looked up to many Christian women and wanted their same joy, peace and happiness.  But that only comes from God!

Our church was having a revival service one week in April of 2007.  The sermons that were preached were specifically for Tim and I.  We were both so miserable because we knew that we were lost as a goose and didn’t have a relationship with God.  Our lives were meaningless at this point and filled with frustration.  On that Wednesday, my husband fell on his knees and cried out to God.  I wish I could say that I was happy for him that day….but I was miserable because I knew that is exactly what I needed to do.  But again, I was stubborn.  And so worried about what people thought of me.  I had been a “church girl” for so long.  I had everyone fooled. 

*It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you!  If they are a Christian….they will be overjoyed that you too are going to heaven! 

So as I said I was so so so miserable.  I didn’t sleep that night.  I wouldn’t talk to Tim about what was wrong.  I went to work the next day and could hardly focus.  God was telling me to COME! 

I went home after work and was just sobbing.  Tim came home from work and found me in quite the state.  I finally told him everything and we sat down on the couch.  I decided right then and there that I was done running and I wanted to have peace and a relationship with God!  Tim and I knelt on our knees by the couch and I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior!

You would not believe the change that took place in our lives personally and as a married couple!  We are not perfect by any means.  But God has been growing us and we have been learning ever since.  Our marriage has been getting better and better and sweeter and sweeter!  I know nothing can be perfect….but right now…..our marriage feels perfect!  We are so in love.  Many things have happened since 2007 when we trusted Christ.  So many ups and downs.  We walked through a dark road of infertility (which I am sharing soon) and Tim surrenderd to the ministry to be a pastor!  Through it all, God has been with us!  I now have that peace and joy!  I want everyone to know it too!

So what about you?

-Before God created the universe, He had you on His heart!  He wanted you to enjoy a perfect, endless life with Him.  (Ephesians 1:4)

So why does life often seem so meaningless and full of misery?  Or you wonder what happens when your time on earth is done?

-Sin separates us from God.  We are all sinners.  Just think…you don’t have to teach your child how to sin…it’s already in their nature.  Romans 3:23. 

-Because of that, the just payment of our sin is death.  Eternity away from God.  Romans 6:23.

-But God loved us so much that he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for all of our sins!  John 3:16.

How can you have eternal life and a relationship with Jesus?

Simply place your faith in Jesus Christ!  To take God at His word.  To believe that Jesus is God’s son and died for our sin on the cross and rose from the grave.

“Whoever calls on the name of the Lord, will be saved!” Romans 10:13

To call means to simply ask in prayer. 

I hope this has helped you today!  Whether you have been struggling with making a decision or have never even thought about it before.  I hope you would take some time to think about it.  You can read these verses in the Bible or read them online. is a good source.  The book of John and Romans is a good place to start reading!  Feel free to email me if you have any questions at all.  If you want to share your own testimony, you can link up with Callie.




Lauren said...

what an absolutely incredible story! God works in such amazing ways for all of us and I'm so glad that he put you & Tim together so that together you could find Him! Talk about an amazing circle!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Oh sweet friend. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I am quite the stubborn girl too and this post tugged at my heart. A LOT. My faith has been shaken a lot the past 3 years and I don't know that I have ever been able to heal. I love Jesus so so much as that is apparent on my blog and in my life but idk. Love you though. And what a blessing that you two had each other through that <3

Callie Nicole said...

Amanda, thank you so much for sharing this! I got a little choked up as I read it - what a beautiful story of how the Lord got a hold of you after so many years!

Natalie said...

I love this story so much because it's such a very real, true example of false faith! So many people think because they prayed a prayer or they go to church they are going to heaven. I know when I first prayed the prayer when I was a young girl, I did! But it only became apparent into adulthood that I was NOT! Thanks for sharing your story! How awesome you and Tim walked some of the same road-both believing you were believers! I'm so glad Christ has grabbed you both and you are living for Him now. What an incredible blessing and journey to be on. And that Little Shepard has some awesome parents :)

Jamie Leigh said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much for you honesty and sharing your story! It is so touching! Bless you sweet friend!

Jessie Szmanda said...

What a wonderful story Amanda. I can relate in so many ways. God is so good, and works in such wonderful ways.

So much love dear friend!

Nicole said...

What a beautiful story. God never leaves even one of His sheep... and he knew you were His and He never let you go. I love it!

Amber Marie said...

Oh Amanda, I thouroghly enjoyed this sweet, sweet testimony. Thank you so much for sharing.

Tami said...

I love reading your story. Thank you for sharing.

Breeann said...

What an amazing story! I think it's sometimes so much harder to make a serious commitment to God growing up in the church...because it's easy to become numb to it all. But, I'm so thankful that God kept tugging on your heart...and that you listened! You are a beautiful person inside and out, and I love reading your blog :) Can't wait to hear about your struggle with I know God will use it for His glory! xoxo

cait said...

Wow--powerful testimony! Such a great reminder that we have to "own" our faith and make our own decision to follow Christ--growing up in church doesn't cut it. You guys are amazing. How powerful that you were able to pray that prayer with your husband by your side. That sweet baby is blessed to have y'all as mommy and daddy!