Monday, November 7, 2011

The time husband took pliers to my ears…

So last night I was pulling with all my mite to try and get my earring backs off.  No such luck!  I pulled and pulled forever and I started to make myself feel sick.  So, I went to the husband for help of course. 

Husband pulled and pulled at the earring backs and even with his brute strength….couldn’t get them off! 

*I’m starting to freak out right about now*

Well, out come the pliers!!!!!!! 

Husband is trying to pull the backs off with his pliers. 

I am screaming out of fear. 

They won’t even pull off with pliers! 

So, Tim thinks he will try to cut the metal with the pliers!!!!!!

oh no oh no oh no! :/

Now I’m screaming & crying afraid that he is going to cut my ear lobe!  With my outrageous behavior, Tim wasn’t able to go forward with the cutting of the metal idea. 

My life should be a sitcom, people. 

After I calmed down a bit, we were laughing about the whole thing and how this would be good TV. 

However, we still have a problem!  Earrings are still stuck.  I’m terrified they will be stuck forever. 

Has this ever happened to anyone? 

Any ideas on what I should do? 


This is the infamous piercing!

Any tips you could offer me would be greatly appreciated! :)




Rebekah said...

I've had this happen but I've never had to get the pliers out! I would have cried too if Dylan came near me with them. I hope you can get them off!

Natalie said...

oh no!
i've never had it happen but i know someone that had it happen with a nose ring and we had to go back to the piercing shop and they used two guys with pliers and both pulled at the same time. you could try that? if someone else pulled on the front while tim pulled on the back? otherwise he'll probably have to cut them. i'm sure he will be gentle with you :) good luck!

Jamie Leigh said...

I have never had this happen to me! How strange! I can just picture how funny this situation would have been though :) good luck!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I'd be freaking out too!!! Go back to where you got them pierced and have them take the back off!

Lauren said...

oh no! you poor thing, I probably would have passed out from panic by now! I really have no advice for you, but go back to where you got them pierced...hopefully they can give you some good tips!

Callie Nicole said...

Ha, oh my goodness, this made me laugh! I would wash the area really well with a hot washcloth, because it might help if it's crusty and getting stuck because of that - otherwise I have no idea! I would go back to the place where you had them pierced and see what they say.

Breanna Veth said...

Wow definitely a strange problem to have.. Have you tried Vaseline? Or something gel-ly to loosen it up? I can only imagine what ideas my husband would come up with in this situation. Oh my.. scary thought :/

Jessie Szmanda said...

Oh my goodness! Ok I have had this happen before - if it is the "B" Shaped back, try sticking your finger inbetween one of the loops and the earing stud. The backs are usually bendable so if you can get your finger nail in there and the push it away from he earing it should loosen it up. HOPE THEY COME OFF!!

cait said...

oh no! I've never had this happen...what about trying to put some kind of liquid on the backing? lotion or something like that to try to get things slippery so there is less friction where it's stuck? yikes--good luck!!

and what my hubby would do!! gotta love them! :)

Stephanie M. Page said...

oh no!!! I have no advice! Often times I think my life could be a sitcom too! =)

Connie said...

I would die. Um?? Oil it up? Maybe then it would be harder to get a grip on it though. Let us know what happens!

Jessica said...

Ice? Neosporin? I'd maybe see a doc or the people who pierced your ears if they won't come out!