Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nephew Time!

Last weekend Husband and I got to watch our precious nephews!  We took them to a Pumpkin Festival and then we just had fun at the house.  They are really the most well behaved boys ever.  They are so adorable and sweet.  Ugh….they just melt my heart.  I think I’m in trouble when we have our own children! ha!  Sometimes I just can’t handle all the cuteness and I just want to cry. 


They were super excited to sleep on our couches! haha!  We were going to have them sleep in our guest bedroom….but the bed is really high and that made me nervous.  So couches it was!  But they LOVED it! 


They slept really good.  We didn’t hear them start talking until about 8:45 am.  It was so adorable to hear them talking to each other.  Landen (the little one) was asking his brother if he could get up.  And Izaak kept saying NO…NOT YET! haha!  I think big brother was wanting to sleep more. 


Izaak LOVES popcorn!  We put in a movie, gave him a bag of popcorn and he was a happy camper.  Oh and he used to be afraid of Maddie….but not anymore!  They were buddies all weekend!  :)


This one is a little fuzzy….but I love it.  Landen fell asleep while Izaak was watching his movie!  Stinkin cute! 

I love my nephews so much!  They bring so much joy to my heart. It makes me so excited for the day I can become a mother.  I long for that so much!  Not to mention….that Mr. Tim is going to be an amazing daddy someday. 

Our costume party is tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!  ahhhh I’m sooooo excited!

Happy Thursday to you & Happy Halloween of course!




Jamie Leigh said...


I am also looking forward to your costume reveal! SO fun!

Lauren said...

so sweet! love that last photo! we love our two nephews as well...I just wish we got to see them more!

Breanna Veth said...

That last picture is so stinkin funny. Little kids crack me up!!

Emily said...

They are so cute! Our youngest niece stayed with us last Friday and it was the first time she stayed anywhere except home or Grandma's and she did great! She started out on an air mattress next to my side of the bed and ended up in bed with us! Makes me want a baby so bad! :)

cait said...

so cute!!