Friday, August 26, 2011

Full Weekend Ahead…..

Hello & Happy Friday!

So….the husband and I were going to try to wake up at 5am this morn and go for a run.  And, yeah…umm…that didn’t happen! ha!  I guess we were not fully committed because we didn’t go to bed until after midnight.  That just isn’t enough sleep for me.  We really wanted to wake up early to workout today…..cause we won’t have a chance tonight.  We have the craziest weekend planned! 

FYI:  the new Under Armour socks are simply AMAZING!!!!!  Well worth how ever much they were.  I love wearing them.  :)  Just thought I would mention that since several people asked!

Another FYI:  you must try the new Ocean Spray Diet Sparkling Cranberry Juice!!!! You will just love it!  ;)  We saw the commercial and knew we had to try it.  Sadly, they only come in a 4 pack…I think cause they are new.  Hopefully they start selling them in larger packs.  So so good.


(i’m just full of information today! ha!)

Also… guys were cracking me up with the fedora comments on my last post! lol!  Everyone seems to think I should get one.  Mr. Tim reallllllly wants me to get one.  Every time we go into a store together, he makes me put one on! haha!  He’s cute. 

This weekend we have a Worldview Conference at our church that is focused on youth & college age peeps.  It will be addressing creation vs. evolution, atheism and lots of other things that teens and young adults face in school.  We are having this really smart man come speak….and there will be an open forum where the kids can ask questions.  I’m sure they will come up with some doozies! I am excited for it…and I know I will learn a lot too! 

After the Friday session and slew of college girls are staying the night at my house….then we will wake up early to go to the Saturday morning session!

I don’t see much sleep in my future….

Sunday afternoon, my 8th & 9th grade small group is coming over to the house for lunch and to hang out!  We are having our last hangout since the small groups will be switching for the new school year.  :(  I just love those girls. 

So, that is what my super full weekend looks like! It will be all FUN though. 

Random:  Someone gave Tim the game Jenga for his b-day…..and we are loving it!  Haven't played Jenga in forever.  It’s a good time! We are trying to grow our collection of games. :)


I hope everyone has a very happy & fun weekend!!!!!! 




Rebekah said...

That conference does sound interesting! Haha, Dylan and I really need to work on our game collection!

Jessica said...

I've seen those ocean spray cans! I'll have to try them :)

Jessica said...

I've seen those ocean spray cans! I'll have to try them :)

Amy Lee said...

I love the new Sparkling Ocean Spray. I got the regular (I'm not a fan of diet drinks). It's super tart but you can't seem to put it down. Haha. I just wish they weren't so stinking expensive. Have a great weekend!

Natalie said...

I think if that many people, including your hubby, think you should get a fedora, then you definitely should ;)
I hope your conference rocks! worldview stuff always blows my mind and I learn SO much!! Have a great weekend my friend!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, I love sparkling juices, so I might have to try that! And I haven't played Jenga in forever! So fun. :-)