Friday, August 26, 2011

Do you have a dog? If so….

Did you know that today is National Dog Day? 

Now you do! ;) 

So, I am posting twice in one day!  I don’t think I have ever done that.  Hooray for me!

Maddie deserved her own post on this very special day……

Maddie enjoys naps, popcorn, ottomans, brisk walks, paper products and her parents. 


Maddie likes standing on tables & being the center of attention.


Maddie enjoys picnics with her family & friends on sunny days.


Maddie loves trips to the lake and feels confident in her very own life jacket.


Maddie can lick her nose.  Very talented.


Maddie prefers to order her own ice cream cone at the drive thru.


Maddie can demolish a rawhide bone in hours. 


Most of all she loves her parents with all her paws.

Miss Maddie loves you all and sends you her hugs!

Give your pup some love today!!!!


Rebekah said...

So fun! Glenda will have to get some extra special treats today! Maddie is so cute! Haha, I love her life jacket.

Natalie said...

aw! I love this post :)
I am snuggling with Ellie right now :)

Amy Lee said...

Love this post! Maddie is so cute! I had no idea it was National Dog Day. I would say I would do something great for Oopsie but he's so spoiled rotten that I can't think of anything. Lol! :-P

PS: Do you have a FB page? I'd love to be your friend on there. :)

Lauren said... did I not know this!?!? Bogey is our first child and just got the serious shaft for not being officially recognized! hahaha! Have a great weekend!

Sara said...

cutest lil pup ever! :-) Happy National Dog Day- she's a lucky lil gal

Poppies and Sunshine said...

She is adorable! I miss having a dog! I might have to get one soon...

Happy weekend! xo