Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A bundle of fun.

Hello there! 

I hope everyone is having a good week so far! :)

Well, this post will be r a n d o m.  Just so you know.  Due to the fact that I am feeling pretty random and have lots going on this week. 

I started out my morning with some McCafe.  Not terrible…..thanks McD’s!


I wanted to say congrats again to my friend Sarah from Newlywed & Decorating on winning my 1st giveaway!!!!!  You should definitely go visit her blog…..she has the cutest nursery in the works for her baby girl on the way!

If you missed my first vlog you can see it here.  It’s pretty ridiculous.  But it’s just a little snippet into life at our house. 

Speaking of the vlog……I have had requests for more vlogs! haha!  So what should we vlog about?  Do you have anything/questions about us that you are just dying to know?  *chuckles*

My sweet friend Jade came to town just for one day last week and we got Chinese at one of her favorite places! I just cherish the moments I get to see her cause they are few and far between. 


Have you smelled this???


This is my new favorite smell/scent whatever!  All I have is this body cream….but I need more!!!!!!

Mr. Tim will soon blow out some candles!


His birthday is Friday!!!!!!!  I love my husband. 


(via pinterest)

This quote is meaning a lot to me right now.  It’s so easy to wish that God would just show us a diagram of what our life is suppose to look like.  A timeline of exactly when this or that is going to happen & why.  Lately I have been struggling with the “whys”.  Why this?  Why not?  Why us?  Why?  Compete faith is trusting in God in every circumstance.  To walk daily with Him….trusting that things might not make sense now…..but it’s all working together for my good and for His glory.  And that’s exactly what I want.  God to receive glory from my life. 

“We walk by faith, not by sight”  2 Corinthians 5:7

I hope YOU are having a wonderful day! 




Rebekah said...

You should do more vlogs! About anything! I love Country Chic. It smells amazing!

Sam {} said...

happy early bday to your man!

Sam @ fitness food & faith (giveaway today!)

Beth Ann said...

I think it is funny how you said, "Not terrible" about the McCafe drink. Haha! They are alright...but they don't compare to Starbucks no matter how much I try to fool myself into thinking they do. Maybe I'm just a snob. ;)

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

You are the sweetest :) And I definitely identify with your last paragraph. Sometimes I feel like God's timeline is a lot slower than mine- I am so type A and a control freak! But He does have it all planned out and it will all work out for good. It's just hard to let go and have faith!

Jessica said...

Happy early birthday to your hubby!! :D

Amber Marie said...

Happy early birthday to your husband! Check out my giveaway-It's birthday-ish! :) PS. Cheers to random-ness!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Random post are the best kind of posts in my opinion! I have yet to get a cup of coffee from MCDonalds. but I did hear its pretty good! Friend time is the best..and bonding over Chinese food is even better :)

Lauren said...

I may have to check out that lotion...and Happy early Birthday to your hubby!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday to Tim tomorrow!!! :)
Why is such a hard and sometimes painful question that I think we all struggle with! Praying you have peace about your circumstances and that God would answer some of those why's for you!! :)

Sheree said...


Just wanted to say I love your display pic on your blogger. Was the whole reason I clicked...

Glad I did.. You have a very cool looking blog.

Hello from Australia!


Poppies and Sunshine said...

I love that quote. I've been thinking about the same thing lately! It hasn't been the easiest of times in the past year or so, but I keep thinking I know it will all make sense in the future when I look back. God's got it.