Thursday, October 1, 2009

Long Car Trips......STINK!

Hey everyone! Well, Tim and I are getting ready to leave for a mini-trip to Texas. Tim's cousin is getting married in Wheeler, TX. The drive will probably be around 7 hours. We are leaving early early in the morning and then driving back Saturday night after the wedding. We are cheap and don't want to pay for another night in the Tim insists that we drive back Saturday! lol!! Even though we won't get back till the wee hours of the morning! oh my! I have offered to drive part of the way....but Tim won't hear of it! haha! We'll just see about that! He wants me to get some sleep in the car on the way back, but I won't be able to sleep cause I will be worried about him falling asleep at the wheel. Hopefully I don't annoy him too much. I get very bored on long car trips. I have plenty of things to do though. I am bringing my knitting, crocheting, crossword puzzles, circle the word puzzles, a book to read, my sunday school lesson and my lines for the christmas play to memorize! Surely ALL that will be enough to keep me entertained! Not to mention all the CDs we will get to listen to! Well, pray for us that we have a safe trip! And that I make it through the trip without getting too bored and asking Tim if we are there yet!!!!!!! :) Happy Weekend to you! xoxo

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Baker Family said...

How funny Amanda! I LOVE road trips!! We will pray for your traveling and I bet time will go by faster than you think. Sounds like you have plenty to do:) Love you guys and have fun!