Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thankful for another day....

Hey all! I have had a stressful week. Just so much to do in so little time! I get all stressed out and then panic and then cry! haha! But I have been trying to rely on God's strength and not my own. When I do it is amazing how he calms me and gives me peace about things. I can't explain it. Problems might not go away, but He gives me the ability to handle them. I don't know what I would do without Him! Last night while we were sleeping, I had a beef stew in the crock-pot! When we woke up, the house smelled heavenly! I hope it tastes good. I have never tried this recipe before. But it sure looks and smells fantastic! So far, Tim and I have been faithful to the gym this week! We have started going right after work. I just keep my gym bag in the car. The gym is on my way home so it works out well. This Saturday is my momma's birthday!!!!!!!! Yeah! I love my momma so very very much! We are going to Cheddars! I am going to eat a salad there so I can have plenty of chips and queso! I love their chips and dips! lol! Then also Saturday I have to say goodbye to the pastor I work for and his family. They leave for Africa on Sunday. They are going to be full time missionaries! I am sad, but so excited for them! It should be a fun filled weekend! Hope everyone has a splendid day.....if anyone still reads my blog?! Who knows! hahahahah! Bye!


Anonymous said...

I want to know more about your beef stew? lol

That is neat they are going to be missionaries, but sad for you. Maybe they will have a website or something, so you can keep in touch.

I just wanted to say again--but on blogger--that I think you look great! The working out is paying off!

See you later

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog!! Plus, I also want you to know that I love you very much. You are the best daughter in the whole wide world. Thank you so much for the precious scrapbook you made me. I will cherish it.