Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Before and After

I am so happy that American Idol is back on! I look forward to January every year because I know a new season of Idol is around the corner! I am addicted, I love it, it is definitely my favorite show. Last night I liked the guy who got sick and they gave him a banana!!!! I could not stop laughing. Well, today is suppose to be bitterly cold....good thing I wore short sleeves! I did wear my coat into work though. I just didn't realize how cold it was going to be until I looked on my computer this morning. I will put on something warmer before heading out to church tonight. Last night we also had youth visitation. No one was home for us girls, but I know that the Lord will still honor our efforts. We have lots of kids in our youth group that are now coming because we went and visited them in their home! So, I know it is worth it. This Thursday, Friday and Saturday Tim and I have our annual Tournament of Champions or as I lovingly call it TOC!!! We have been going to this together since we were 16 I believe. Wow! That's a long time! It is fun....a lot of basketball...but fun! I'm pretty much basketballed out by the time I leave their on Saturday! haha! I enjoy it, but Tim will definitely owe me a musical or some pottery painting classes or something! Just kidding.....I secretly like going. I shall leave you with the words of a song that are stuck in my head...."my before and after, i can't but sing. my before and after, i'll sing praises to my king. my before and after, here's the anthem let it ring. one love, 2 arms, 3 scars from us to where you are. no one's to far for you to change a heart."


Anonymous said...

I love your latest blog. Plus, I love, love, love the words to the song - it was awesome and something that will stick with me today. I, too, love Idol. When we aren't home, we record it so we don't miss anything. I love your new picture - one of my favorites. See you tonight at the TOC!!

Anonymous said...

That was guy pretty funny. Last night's contestants weren't as off the wall---well, what about the cheerleaders? lol There was some decent talent last night in Kansas City.
I enjoy the TOC too. Mike and I have gone before. Enjoy yourselves and yes, Tim owes you a musical or something BIG! ha