Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Say Hey, It's A Good Day...

Hello everyone! I was driving to work this morning and that song was on the radio....say hey,it's a good day, even if things arn't going my way, Jesus is Lord and I am saved, so say hey, it's a good day! I have been singing that all day! It's a good thing to remember. I am having a great day actually. Last night we went to the grocery store, cleaned the house some and watched our evening shows. It was fun. We also had some golden delicious apples with carmel! Yummo!!! Maddie is going to get a haircut on Saturday. She is soooooo shaggy! It is terrible! I feel like a bad mom! lol! When we called to make her appointment at the Pampered Paws Pet Spa and Resort, it was so funny cause they asked our last name and then they were excited and said Maddie! It made us so happy that they remember our little Maddie and they said they were excited to see her Saturday! She LOVES the Pampered Paws! haha! :) Well, tonight I am hitting the gym and finishing my laundry. Tim is going to play b-ball I think. It should be a great evening! Hope everyone has a good day!!!

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Baker Family said...

Maddie has a good mommy and daddy!
lol "hey, It`s A Good Day"