Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy 1 Month Peanut!

Why yes I am weeks behind on Eleanor’s 1 month post! 

The short time Eleanor has been with us has been the most amazing time of our lives!  It is scary how fast it has gone by.  She already looks so much bigger and different….which is bittersweet.  I  want her to grow big and healthy, but I will miss these precious times. 

At 1 month E weighed about 6 lbs 8 oz! 

She is doing amazing at eating now.  After a few breastfeeding struggles due to her being a preemie, we both have the swing of things!  It is going great and I am so thankful I decided to breastfed.   It really is worth the minor struggles in the beginning. 

E is our little peanut!  At one month she was in all preemie clothes and newborn diapers.  She could wear a few newborn clothes if they were cut smaller.  I had no idea we would need so many newborn diapers!  Everyone tells you don’t buy any because they will be in size 1 really fast.  But we didn’t know we would have a little peanut!  We have gone through several of the big boxes of diapers! 

Eleanor’s Likes:

*Snuggling with mommy & daddy


*Tear duct massages (she had a clogged tear duct early on)

*The bouncy seat


*Skin to skin time with mommy

*Daddy’s songs he makes up for her

Eleanor’s Dislikes:

*The swing (I thought babies were supposed to like that? haha!)

*Being swaddled….sometimes.

*Diaper changes and outfit changes

*Her crib

Sweet Memories:

*Our first outing to a restaurant was to Cracker Barrel at 3 weeks!

*Went to church for the first time on Mother’s Day!!!! Best day ever!

*Had our  first real bath at exactly 1 month!  She didn’t hate it…..

*Daddy & Mommy got the whooping cough shot to be safe!

*Eleanor’s first doctor’s appointment!  She was perfect & healthy. 

Our little photo shoot was going fabulously until daddy decided to stick his giant foot in the picture!  haha!  Eleanor wasn’t having it.  He just wanted to remember how tiny she was compared to his foot.  I wonder if he wants to do this comparison every month? 


And she was done with pictures!!!!

I will cherish our first month forever!  I am continually crying because I can see her growing before my very eyes.  And I don’t want her to grow up…..but I do.  I can’t wait to experience all the fun stages that are before us. 

We love you peanut!


Emily said...

Oh my she is so precious and cute. I just want to hug and love on her! Can't wait to see more pictures of E!

Sarah said...

Such a sweet little girl! And love the owls. Pretty, pretty all around!

Theresa said...

Ahh, so cute! I love the little bracelet and headband too. Glad you were able to stick with the breastfeeding. It does get easier.

Lauren said...

she's so sweet! they grow so fast, I can't hardly remember when Elyse was that small!

Beth Ann said...

She is so precious!!! I can't believe she doesn't like swaddling or swing - being swaddled IN the swing was our savior for the first few months of H's life! ;)

Breeann said...

She is so adorable!! What a precious little bundle of joy :) xoxo

Michelle (michabella) said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG. SHE IS ADORABLE AMANDA!!!!! Ugh...and that outfit.... Oh my. TOO CUTE!