Saturday, June 30, 2012

Excited about grocery shopping!!!!

Yes I said it……

I am excited about grocery shopping!!!!!!!

I went to the new Hyvee in our city and it is ah-mazing!  I was drooling the entire trip.  ha!  It was so clean and pretty!  And the PRODUCE!!!!  I love a good, organized and huge produce department.  Produce was basically all I bought. 

Our first trip was a family outing.  Peanut slept the entire time, while husband and I raved about everything and tried all the samples. 

We could have possibly called that a mini-date night. 

People….they even had a dry cleaner and a dietician inside!  haha! 

Hyvee has it all. 

Am I really blogging about grocery shopping? 

That kind of grocery store makes me wish I had an unlimited food budget cause I wanted to buy everything!!!! 

So now our pantry and fridge is stocked and I don’t have to eat peanut butter crackers for breakfast anymore! haha! 

Oh and I made guacamole tonight with all that fresh produce!  It was divine.  I put lemon juice in the guac instead of lime juice and it was awesome!  You should definitely try that.  (I stole the idea from the Barefoot Contessa…or Ina Garten, whichever you prefer!)

While on the subject of food….I just now discovered the Pioneer Woman on Food Network!  How am I just now discovering her?  I love that show.  All her food looks so good, homey and relatively simple.  

Alright, well if that wasn’t the most random blog post ever.

I’m off to enjoy some angel food cake & fresh berries with my man!  :)

Ahhhh…..the joys of a stocked kitchen.




Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

I get it - good food is something to talk about! But what's better is you guys had a great outing with a new baby - those are GREAT!

M said...

HyVee is amazing. I wish they would bring it to the twin cities

Ashley Taylor said...

I love that you blog about produce! We went to an outdoor festival a weekend ago and I was so excited to buy fresh corn and green tomatoes. Fresh produce is the best!!!

cait said...

I can get just as excited about something like this!! and now you have me craving some guac!

Lauren said...

believe it or not I haven't even been to the Hyvee yet...I'm thinking I may do my grocery shopping there on Thursday!

And Pioneer Woman is dangerous...her food is so yummy, but definitely not ALWAYS good for you!