Wednesday, April 4, 2012

jelly bean wishes!

Hi everyone!  Thank you for your sweet words and advice on my last post!  Last week was soooooo crazy!  I am on my way to feeling better. 

Tim and I are both in turbo mode right now!  We are determined to keep our house looking great…..just in case of early labor.  haha!  We are going to pack our bags this weekend and install the car seat. 

I have been craving soda like CRAZY lately!!!!!  So this morning I got a small coke from McD’s and it really hit the spot!  I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. 

Here is my 32 week pictures!  (2 weeks late….i’m now 34 weeks!)  ha! 

That’s how I roll. 


I have mentioned this before…..but getting Tim to take pictures for me is ridiculously hard! So, I pretty much just take what I can get!  :) 



A few things I am thankful for right now:  I don’t have any stretch marks or anything swollen (yet)!!!!  I hope it stays that way. 

Oh….I totally forgot to set out my Easter/spring decorations this year!!!! I’m so sad.  I definitely can’t forget next year with Eleanor!  I want to make sure I decorate for all the holidays with E.  I haven’t even bought any jelly beans yet.  Our choir at church is putting on two back to back productions of our Easter musical this Sunday!  I sure hope I can make it through both of them.  Speaking of swollen……I might get my first swollen feet Sunday! haha!  :)

Last week was our breastfeeding class! We learned so much!  I hope I can remember everything when the time comes.  They gave us a book to take home….so I can keep studying up on it.  I don’t know if Tim and I are just ultra silly or what…..but him and I kept giggling through the whole class!  We would look around and none of the other couple would even crack a smile!  What is that?  The instructor had a stuffed boob if that tells you anything. I think Mr. Tim is going to be an amazing helper when it comes to me figuring out breastfeeding!  He stays calm and remembers everything we learn.  Next week is our child birth class!  I’m sure we will be giggling through that too!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!!!! 

Butterfly kisses & jelly bean wishes!




Michelle (michabella) said...

omg omg omg.... how are you 34 weeks already?!?!?! ahhhhhh!!!! <3

Lauren said...

ha! I failed to get out our decorations this year as well...I'll definitely have to do it next year when Elyse is a little older!

The stuffed boob was mom & I were giggling as well so don't fill bad!

Natalie said...

You are precious! I Love that dress on you!!
I wish I could have seen the stuffed boob, ha! Tony & I totally would have been laughing too. In the child birth class, they had us do different relaxing techniques and pain relief and we were the same way. Totally laughing through all of them because he would be tickling me with the tennis balls instead of rubbing my back, etc. Other people are just lame, ha! You guys are the cool ones ;)

Jessica said...

You are looking fantastic!

Don't worry about remembering everything about breastfeeding (and anything else for that matter!) your maternal instincts will kick in and you'll know what to do. Every mom is different and you might find your own way of doing some things. :D

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

Oh, giggling through the class is the only way to get through it. You just have to laugh at things - especially at the folks that take it so crazy serious...does everybody lose their sense of humor when it comes to this!?

Have fun with it :) You look beautiful!!!

Theresa said...

More beautiful pictures of you! Can't wait to hear about your childbirth classes ;)

sincerelykinsey said...

beautiful lady!! xo