Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Freezer meals, bladders and other interesting things.

So is anyone interested in the countdown to Eleanor? 

Only 27 days (give or take) till we meet our precious girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This pregnancy could not have flown by any faster.  I can’t believe we are already so close to meeting her.  I have enjoyed being pregnant so much!  I just get overwhelmed thinking about how amazing this truly is.  What a miracle pregnancy is.  How amazing God is!  This time last year we were desperate for any sign of good news about being pregnant or our fertility.  I can’t thank God enough for this miracle. 

*Last night I did my first load of laundry for Eleanor!!!!!  I washed some of her clothes so they would be ready for her anytime.  Today I am going to wash her blankets and sheets.  I have told myself, I am going to do a few things in her nursery everyday till she gets here.  It makes it seem less overwhelming! 

*Update on the broken glider:  Target took the broken glider back and are shipping us a new one.  If this next one arrives broken…….this lady just might lose it!!!! haha!  I read several reviews on their website of other customers saying their gliders arrived broken too!  Target needs to get their act together. 

*We also ordered her dresser!  Those are the last things we needed for her nursery!!!  So hopefully I will get to show you all pictures of a complete nursery very soon!  :) 

*Ok….so you know how pregnant women fill up their freezers with meals for when the baby gets here?  Well, I honestly don’t have time to cook.  I believe God sent the Schwann man by our house last night! ha!  He never comes to our house.  They have lots of good looking, healthy freezer meals.  He is coming back by on Friday, and I am going to order us lots of stuff!!!!  haha!  Kudos to all of you freezer-meal-cooking-ladies out there!  I don’t know how you have the time….but I want some of it.  :)

*I think my belly grew some more over night.  It feels heavier and I think I see a few faint stretch marks.  (nooooooooooooo!)  I made it this whole time, and then at 9 months they have to appear.  I guess it doesn’t matter if you use tummy butter or not.  Because I have faithfully. Boo.

*I’m so thankful that someone has given me a breast pump to borrow!  However…..i got really stressed when looking at it because I have no idea how to work it!  haha!  Tim told me to put it away!  He said we will figure it out later.

*Lately I have been dreaming about soda!  I want soda so bad sometimes.  Something is wrong with me!

*I wake up 4 times a night (on average) to pee.   It all makes sense when they showed us a picture of what my bladder looks like right now in our child birth classes!  It is smashed like a pancake!  Oh yeah….and E’s head is bouncing up and down on my bladder too. 

Okay….well before this posts gets any longer (or more boring…for all those who don’t care about pregnancy stuff!)  I will wrap it up here! 

I hope you’re having a fabulous day so far! 




Natalie said...

I love this post :) I think I woke up at least that much by this point in my pregnancy-whyyyyy!? oh well, I promise you WILL sleep a full night some day again ;)
Friend, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I also had no stretch marks on my tummy until THREE weeks until Callyn was born. Then they exploded :( What the heck?! It's like our stomachs just cannot stretch one.tiny.bit.more :) Worth it!
I think your Schwann plan is awesome :) I spent one whole day freezer cooking. Yes, it was nice to have afterwards, but holy cow, it made me sooo tired.
Oh, and just take your pump to the hospital and the nurses will show you how to use it :) I had no idea and I also didn't take my pump so they let me use a hospital one (which I don't recommend because they give you parts and then charge you for them...)and they put it all together for me. No stress girlfriend!

Lauren said...

I had big plans for freezer meals as well...and for now I'm resorting to easy crock-pot meals because freezer meals never happened!

Don't worry about your pump, at Cox they'll give you a hospital grade one to use if you want and they'll help you with all the details! If your borrowed pump is a Medela then those part are included in your hospital stay and assuming you've already met your deductible they won't cost you anything!

Theresa said...

I love hearing all of your pregnancy news. I found my crock pot handy when my son was born. I knew if I had a few minutes in the morning I didn't have to think about dinner again. Freezer meals sound great too!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

So close girl! I'm also with ya on the stretch marks. I had none till 9 months too. Part of the process :) good thing my hubby's the only one who needs to see my tummy anyway. Ha!! Bless you friend!

Jessica said...

Hope Target gets it right this time! Hang in there, you're bladder will be back to normal in no time ;)

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

You are better than I - we didn't think that far ahead with the food! Definitely something we will do with the next baby!

I was wondering if you would be willing to help me advertise a giveaway that I am currently doing. I am helping to promote an event in DC next weekend, and giving away a Sid the Science Kid DVD. Perfect for Mom's and their young kids.

Any help would be so appreciated!

Can't believe you are so close to meeting your little one - hang in there!!

Bethany McGuire said...

shes finally here!!!:)

Rachel said...

Oh, sorry about the stretch mark! I'm totally in denial...if I use my bio oil I WILL not get them. right?!?!

Such an exciting post. I love pregnancy news :)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Hi Amanda! I can't believe you will have your baby girl that soon! Time really has flown by. This is the first chance in a long time since I've been able to catch up on comments. I am so glad to hear your pregnancy has been going well!!