Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So how was my weekend you ask?

Oh yeah….my weekend was fabulous…..

Except for the part when I saw a MOUSE scurry across my living room!!!!!!!


*insert ultimate freak out*

Sunday evening we were just relaxing.  I was on the laptop and husband was playing xbox with people *online"*.  (remember the online part….)

Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a little black something run across the living room under the coffee table.  I did…only a slight freak out….since I wasn’t sure if I really saw anything.  Tim calmed me down and assured me it was NOTHING at all. 

Well, about 5 minutes later I REALLY for real saw a little black mouse run out from the coffee table into the dining room!

*insert crazy lady uncontrollable screaming and dancing around on chair*

I screamed at Tim….I saw it….I saw it!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh….and everyone on xbox live heard my screaming fit! haha!  so embarrassing!

He then goes to search for it.  And nothing. 

He did find where there little entrance is.  He has trapped them….or so we think.  I’m sure they have other entrances around the house. 

As you can imagine….I COULD NOT FALL ASLEEP THAT NIGHT!!!!!

I made Tim check the sheets for mice….

Every little noise I heard…I jumped. 

I was about to drive my poor husband crazy!  So sorry baby!


Precious Stuart Little…..in his cute sweater…..

Now if all mice were like him.

So, what do we do now?

Set some traps?  Someone suggested putting flour around the trap?  Another suggested putting steel wool in the entry hole?


I told Mr. Tim…..let’s not mess around! 

I’m calling the exterminator!!!!!!!

I need sleep at night. 

Plus I have been wearing shoes in the house….just in case he scurries out in front of me….I don’t want to feel him on my bare feet!  *barf*

So there you have it! 

I promise we actually did have a fabulous weekend. 

(when you slice out this little portion of the events!) 

I will share more of the good stuff later!

Have a wonderful week friends & family!




Suze said...

Snakes and a mouse are definitely freak outs for me.

I recommend putting peanut butter in the trap.

Hope the mouse is gone soon :)

Anonymous said...

i would have lost it!

Jessie Szmanda said...

Soooo funny! But I know your pain! We had little baby mice all over our garage! and they were dying on our doorstep - barf is right!

Jessica said...

I would definitely get some mouse traps! You can put flour around them if you want but they pretty much get the job done.

Lauren said...

oh geez...cue freak out from me as well!

Natalie said...

ewwww. we have a mouse (or so we think) that sometimes lives in our bedroom ceiling/wall. he never comes out though so i don't know if it's really a mouse. and sometimes we won't hear him for like 6 months. but we have set every kind of trap and tony even cut a hole in the ceiling and we can't get him. so be thankful that time found where he came in from!!!!

Rebekah said...

We had mice in our first apt (they came in the walls during the winter) and Dylan would always tell me not to freak out when he saw one. We've only had one in the garage and let me tell you, I screamed a ton and freaked when I saw it. Haha, but thankfully I scared it out. :)

Ryan V. said...

oh my, I would have freaked out!!!! I hate those nasty things! Maybe you should get a cat? haha I don't really like cats either, but they catch mice! Love your new blog look by the way!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Hope you never see him (the mouse) again!

Emily said...

Oh my, oh my! I would have FREAKED out too! What did you guys end up doing? My in-laws have mice in their attic and you can hear them sometimes when the house is quiet at night...it freaks me out, but they always have traps set. I don't know how well they work...ekk! Hope you catch him!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

This is so funny you post about this now, because I just had a similar experience! Except I haven't seen the rat or mouse that is around here! The other night I was woken up by a sound...a sound coming from the oven area. It was the distinct sound of a mouse eating. It sounds just like a hamster eating food, which is why I guessed it had to be a mouse or rat. But, I haven't heard it since, so I don't know what to do!