Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summertime Goals.

I have been wanting to make out a list of my summer goals for awhile now.  I hope to take full advantage of summertime! 

1.  Run in one more 5k race before summer is over. 

I don’t want to lose everything I have worked for the past 2 months.  So, having a 5k race scheduled, will give me something to work towards!

2.  Finally finish our kitchen buffet redo.

I know I know….we are SLOW going at projects.  I have talked about this redo here.  Life is busy and we have little time for these types of projects.  However, we are so close to being done.  It is painted and in the house.  We just have to add hardware and distress it.  :)  Oh and someday we want to add butcher block top to it! 

3.  Eat lots of fro-yo and pineapple whip!!!!!!

Husband and I are really good at this. :)

4.  Have friends over for a BBQ.

I want to plan a super cute party!  Lots of ideas swirling around in my head…..

5.  Get a professional pedicure.

*gasp*  Yes it’s true….I have never had one before.  It’s my time!

6.  Read 3 books.

7.  Organize our office/junk room!

Doesn’t everyone have one of these rooms???  I hope I’m not the only one. 

8.  Go on a picnic with husband and Maddie.

Lots of goodies must be included in the picnic basket….plus a blanket and some books!

9.  Take time for myself to work on some of my crafts.

I truly love being creative and I don’t take enough time to just have fun and make stuff! 

10.  Go to a baseball game and have a hot dog.

11.  Go camping.

12.  Finally try Thai food.

Not sure exactly what I’m afraid of.  But I want to try it.  Last summer I over came my fear of sea food!  You can read about that here. 

13.  Enjoy every day to the fullest!!!!! 

Life is short and the Bible tells us that life is like a vapor!  We are only guaranteed this moment…and I always desire to live every single day with that mind set.  I hope to enjoy every day and make a difference in the lives of others….and love people with all I have!

Well, that’s all I can think of right now.  I’m sure other random things will crop up! :)

So…..what are your summer goals???




Jessie Szmanda said...

Ok, I am LOVING this list - how fun!

Theresa said...

Those are some great goals. I haven't really thought too much about it but I want to enjoy spending time with my family.

Rebekah said...

These are all awesome! You've never had a professional pedicure?? You'll love it!

Breanna Veth said...

I love making lists like these!! They keep me on track :) Love your new features on your blog!

Marcy XOXO said...

Great goals to have! Honestly I haven't thought much about my own but I totally should!!! I am running a 5k in September for breast cancer research... guess I should start getting into shape for that ;)

cait said...

Love this list! I have one scribbled down in my journal and haven't blogged about it yet. You just reminded me! :) I was hesitant to try Thai also...and when I did I just went with fried rice with chicken....YUM!! And spring rolls! YUM again!

Your list sounds like bliss...enjoy your summer!!

Danielle Barbe said...

pineapple whip? what is this? i must know!

Anonymous said...

All are good goals- but get a pedicure! They feel so good and are so relaxing!! I need one soon :)

Nicole said...

Sounds like a super fun summer awaits you! You must, must, must make sure you try Thai food! It's one of my favorite cuisines! I love pad thai!

Natalie said...

this is so cute! i totally love it! and i love your new blog look-you guys are too cute.
i wish we could get get pedis together!

Leigh Anne said...

oh girl, you so need a pedicure -- a perfect treat for the summer! and yes about the office/junk room, ours is the guest room/junk room (all of the junk is hidden in furniture but it is still there!). I was just thinking how I needed to recleanout/organize it all soon!

Anonymous said...

I had my first professional pedicure when I got out of the hospital last October......it was DEVINE! You must go with a girlfriend!

And Thai Food, the best place is off of South Campbell, hidden in a strip mall. I order mine without spicy stuff in it. It was very very good. Thai food is traditionally very spicy hot. I just eat it without the spices!
You will love all the veggies!