Monday, February 14, 2011

Sick on V-day...but it's OKAY! :)

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!!!
#1 Yes.....I am still sick! Booo! But thank you for all your sweet comments to me. I did enjoy our marriage retreat weekend...despite being sick and having a huge zit on my forehead. :) (note: the zit is still there!)

#2 I'm so thankful that my dear husband still loves me and thinks I'm cute even though I have kept him up the past 2 nights with my hacking and coughing!

#3 We are going to celebrate V-day at a later date!'s just a day on the calendar...and everything is marked up in price today. (or i could just be saying all this to make me not sad that I am sick....)

#4 I did wear pink today....just because it's the right thing to do. haha!

#5 I consumed a ridiculous amount of Hot Tamales candies this weekend.

#6 Happy V-Day to all of my sweet and kind blog friends...and real life friends! :) Love you guys! You add so much joy and fun to each and every day!!! xoxo to you!

#7 We leave for our mission trip in 19 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited but then slightly worried cause there is much to do!

#8 Give someone a big hug today! :-) A friend, family member or your spouse! Just love on someone.

#9 Remember that God's LOVES YOU more than anything today.

#10 I think I understand more about what goes on in a man's brain after the marriage retreat this weekend. Boy, are males and females different! It is so funny! I'm pretty sure God gets a kick out of some of our conversations and such. He made men and women to go together perfectly! It's funny and complicated at times....but when a couple figures out how to gel together (and this takes a lifetime of learning!) marriage is amazing! It makes sense!

Oh and Miss Maddie says Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :)
Love you guys!


Amanda Moury said...

You are so stinkin cute! Happy Valentine's to you and your sweeties :)

Melissa said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. Happy Valentines Day!

Jamie Leigh said...

I love this post! I hope you feel better soon :) Happy Valentines Day!

Michelle (michabella) said...

HOPE YOU GET TO FEELING BETTER!!!! Yay for the missions trip being right around the corner!!! Love the photos! Happy Valentines Day!!! <3

partialemptynester said...

Well, I wish I could just give YOU a big hug...what a sweetheart, even sick, you are just a bundle of joy...and you are right, you can celebrate Valentine's Day ANY day! I'll have to catch up on your posts...marriage retreats, oh, I just love your thoughts on that, too funny!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Hoping you feel better SOON! :-) Glad that you are still rockin the pink today!! Have a blessed one!

Jessica said...

Your posts are always so uplifting! I wore pink today too, it doesn't hurt that it's my fave color. ;)

Kassie said...

Feel better soon! Happy Valentines!

Rachel and John said...

awww get well soon!

Theresa said...

Glad you were able to make the marriage conference. Hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to hear all about your missions trip.

Stephanie M. Page said...

Happy Vday!! I am so sorry that you are/were sick so sad. =( I don't know what is worse, zits or sickness--but that pic of you and your hubby sure is cuuuuttteee!!!! =) P.S.-Where are you going on your missions trip????? YAY SO FUN!!!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was catching up on your blogs and I think you missed something on your Feb. 9th blog. Under the category of "When I'm Feeling Down to Cheer Myself" should have put at the top of the list "spending time with my mother"!!! You mentioned shopping several times and I just thought for sure I would be included at least in that!! I'm just saying!!!. Pugs & Fishes

Cait said...

just came across your blog and i love it! seriously it's so FAB! aww hope you're feeling better girl!