Sunday, March 28, 2010

Things I Love....

Hello there! I am thinking spring thoughts and hoping for some lovely weather this week! yippee! With the thoughts of spring coming, I have been thinking about some of the things I love this time of year.....

i love sunshine
i love pastels (however, i also love jewel tones too)
i love skirts with flip flops
i love knowing the farmers market will be open before too long!!! can't wait.
i love bbq-ing outside
i love going on walks with the hubs and miss maddie
i love gathering with my family outside
i love thinking about vacation..... :) :)
i love having the windows open
i love spring cleaning
i love how maddie basks in the sunlight
i love counting my blessings instead of my troubles
i love praising my savior for this beautiful time of year!

Enjoy your week everyone! And, happy early Easter to you! I'm sure I will have an Easter post later in the week for you! hehe! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Hey guess what!! I love the same things you do except I have one additional thing to add: "I LOVE U"

Pugs & Fishes

Anonymous said...

What a colorful blog Amanda. CUTE!! You haven't posted any new recipes in awhile. I miss those! lol

Baker Family said...

Thanks Amanda! Happy Easter to you too! LOVE, LOVE Spring Also it is a very lovely time of the year!

Anonymous said...

thins mrs brandi loves........ basking in the sun in mt bikini.....

Anonymous said...

woops misspelled words in the last post! ha ha