Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Memories!

I thought I would show some Evan Lysacek love on my blog today!!!! haha!!! LOVE him! hehe! It's okay people....I have already told Tim all about him. I even showed him these pictures. Silliness aside....I am so happy we finally won gold. I can't believe it had been since 1988! Way to go Evan. Hope you all enjoy the pics! hehehehe!!!!!!!

Now for a real HOTTIE and absolutely HANDSOME precious husband!!! Enjoy!

Everyone have a very happy happy happy Monday!!! loves! xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

Evan is defintely handsome but Tim is HOT. He is the best son-in-law in the whole wide world. I loved your pictures!!!

Pugs & Fishes!!!

Brandi said...

omg amanda u crack me up!! i love the photos! u win a gold! ha ha love u seester!!!!