Monday, January 18, 2010

Biggest Loser and such

Happy Monday morning to each of you! I am feelin' great today! :) The weather is so lovely. Well, this Wednesday Tim weighs in at his work because he is going to particiapte in their company's version of Biggest Loser. And every pound they lose, the company will donate a pound of food to a food pantry. The reason Tim is so pumped is that the 1st place winner will get $600!!! Then 2nd place gets $500 and it goes down from there. When he walked into the meeting last week, he said he was by far the smallest person there, so he was feeling like he might not stand a chance at winning. But they are going off percentages like the show does. And we are thinking some people might give up because the challenge is 12 weeks long! Tim is the most competitive person I know....and he REALLY wants the $600 dollars (i told him he could buy a tv with it) we won't spend our regular money on a this is his chance! I have this feeling he will place in the top 3 spots. So, you can help me encourage him to give it all he's got! haha! Last night I was working on my dinner list for this week. And I realllllly need to go to the grocery store! I have a few new recipes I am going to try this week. I enjoy trying new recipes out. Hopefully they are a success! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! loves! xoxo


Baker Family said...

GO TIM!!!!! I hope all of your recipe`s turn out delicious Amanda!
Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!! I am leaving a comment just like you wanted me to!! I love reading your blog. I know Tim will do well. We will definitely help him all we can. I love u !!