Thursday, September 10, 2009

Harvest Home

This week I got a fall harvest candle for my desk at work! It smells so wonderful! I also got a little pumpkin with lid to put candy corn in to welcome the visitors into the office! So far it has been a hit with the mailman and UPS man! However, some people come by and take way too much! So, I don't know how much longer I will be able to supply everyone with candy corn! This could get expensive! I liked the idea though. :) I will probably get out the fall goods from my attic next week some time! Way excited for that! I am also going to start working on another painting. I will probably do a harvest theme since I did a Halloween one last year. I also need to finish the blanket I have been working on! It's almost done....finally! Has everyone seen that Walmart has the Febreze fall scents out now? They had a two pack last time I checked. Everyone have a nice weekend! xoxo

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Baker Family said...

Hey Amanda! I love and miss you too! I almost got all of my fall decorations and candles out today, but decided to wait til next week! I love this time of year. Take care and I will chat with you soon! I will probably see you at Revival at Broadway.