Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, after seeing the movie Wolverine......I am in love! I LOVE Wolverine and Hugh Jackman! :) heehee! It is Tim's favorite X-Men character and superhero. He is majorly in love, so he is happy that I am too! What a movie! Everyone needs to go see it! Oh, but stay in your seats through all the credits at the end....there is a special clip at the very very end. Congratulations to all the graduates out there! We went to Hillcrest's graduation last night. I thought the gym smelled like beer and cigarettes. Yuck! I am so very excited about the weather this week! It is going to be sunny and warm all week long! yipee! Tim has his doctor's appointment today. I am making him get some moles checked for skin cancer. He has a few that look different and have changed. I would rather get them looked at instead of sitting around worried about them all the time. Guess what I'm excited about.....American Idol finale!!!! I can't wait to watch tonight. I love Kris and I am so glad he made it to the finals! I have a feeling he is going to win! I am sooooooo tired today! Man...it's hard to keep my eyes open! Everyone go see Wolverine!

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Brandi said...

WOLVIE!!!!! Thats all i can say!!! Maybe Mr.T and I will see it soon?! Anywho let me know about Tim's little moles!!! I have a few I have been thinking about getting checked out ha ha, and cut off!!!!!! Hope you are having a special day!! See ya at church tonight! I wont be in choir practice tonight though!! Me hope Kris wins too!!!!!!!!