Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pineapple Whip!!!

Hey! How is everyone doing? I am having a good week so far! I went to the gym Monday and Tuesday! Wednesday is a hard day to go to the gym because right when I get home from work, we scarf down supper and then head to church. We don't get done with choir practice till around 9ish. Then the gym closes at 10. There is just no time. Ideally, I would like to work out every weekday. But it never seems to work out for me! haha! We have been very consistent lately. I watched Idol last night. I love Danny and Kris! That would be AMAZING if they both made it to the finals!!! Yes, Adam is talented, but his voice really gets on my nerves now! Last night when he sang made me want to cry, but not in a good way! It was sooooo annoying! I loved Danny's You Are So Beautiful! Amazing! And Kris' last song was awesome! I am excited for tonight's episode to see them in their hometowns! I am excited for Family Day on Saturday! Tim has invited some people at his work and they said they are coming! Yeah! We also invited our neighbors too. I LOVE pineapple whip!!!!!! For that matter....I just love pineapple! It really doesn't pay for me to buy it at the store, because I will eat a whole entire pineapple in one sitting! haha! You can't stop me people!


Brandi said...

you are sooo funny!! i myself am looking forward to pineapple whip!!!!!! its my fav!!!!!!!! i am glad you liked the pics i sent you!!! him loves that ball!!!!!!!!loved american idol last night too!! i will miss it tonight, we cant record ours!!!!!! aaaahhhhhh!!! so you will have to tell me what happens!!!!!!!! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike and Tracy said...

I'm excited for the Pineapple Whip myself! Also I agree 400% about Adam. That sqealing, screeching stuff he calls singing is just way too over the top for me. I just don't feel like he meets the standard of what an American Idol ought to be...and we all know what I'm talking about! :)
And as you read this you will already know that Kris has made it to the finals. I am sorry to see Danny go, but Kris was the Dark Horse and he's certainly proven why he was voted through. He's great! I hope that all of Danny's voters will vote for Kris now and push him to win!!