Friday, April 3, 2009

Whoohoo!!! It's Friday!

Love, love, love Fridays!!!! There is just a special excitment in the air! This weekend is going to be crazy busy! But, it will still be fun. We have our choir recording all night tonight and ALL DAY tomorrow!!!!!!!! Wowza! I pray that everyone's voices hold out and that we all stay positive! :) Tim told me that he is doing a bunch of things around the house! cool! We have a few projects/problems that he has to work on....and he LOVES that! haha! Seriously, he loves having projects around the house. It's adorable. Love him to pieces! guess what? My pink necklace that my sweetie got me broke today! The chain broke, and luckily I found the pendant on the street where I park my car at Hamlin. I have had several chains break...I must be hard on them or something! I had some delicious coffee this morning and some Peanut Butter Captian Crunch cereal. :) So, that was lovely. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Peace out!!!


Anonymous said...

love this pic!!!!!!!! i hope you have fun at the recording!! i will be sad without you!!!!!!!!!!! sorry to hear about your necklace!! that stinks!!

Baker Family said...

Hi Amanda! What a nice picture. Your baby is adorable! ha