Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello! Well, I am soooo ready for the weekend! Our new bed came in FINALLY!!! It took them 3 months to get the bed in! We have been really irritated with Slumberland! Now our bedroom furniture doesn't match at is a hodge podge. The bed we had been using was getting really old and was about to bite the dust. It was almost 20 years old! I like it though. I think Tim is going to stain all of our old furniture so it will match the new bed!! He is so talented! Tomorrow we have a high school activity. We are taking the kids to the 1984 Video Arcade downtown. Then Saturday is Valentine's Day! We don't get to go anywhere cause everything is too expensive. I think we are just going to cook something at home. That will be fun though! I am excited about being an aunt again to 2 more baby boys! Brandi is having another boy. And my other sis-in-law, Jen is also having a boy any day now! So, boys are ruling right now. I hope everyone has a happy valentine's day!! Hugs to all!

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Baker Family said...

Hi Amanda! How are you? Are excited about the conference coming up? I will miss you guys but I know you will be blessed!
I did not know that Kevin and Mandy had a baby! how cute! I am looking forward to having lunch with you and your mom. We need to do that more often! Love you guys and will talk to you soon.