Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas On Broadway!

Everyone is invited to Christmas On Broadway! It is our church Christmas musical! Last night was the first night and it went very well. 3 more nights to go! What's on the agenda for this weekend.....well, Saturday I am going to help my mom put out her Christmas tree!!! Yipee!!!!!! I will probably drag out all of her Christmas stuff and put it all out!! Mom loves it when I get everything out! (, if your reading this!) Love you! Then we have the musical later that night. Sunday is church and then the musical. Should be a great weekend! Some really nice people where I work gave me a tin of popcorn for Christmas yesterday! It is from the Popcorn Factory and it is amazing! There are a bunch of different flavors. I wasn't sure about some of them, but I ended up really liking them! Well, that's about it for today! Merry Christmas Everybody!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping me put up my tree!! My house looks wonderful because of you. I love you!!