Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ever so close…

It’s only a few days till Christmas!!!! yippeee! 

I am so far behind on my wrapping this year.  I love doing it….but finding the time has been hard. I think I’m going to have some late nights this week.

Have you seen Christmas with the Kranks?  We just saw it for the first time last night (while wrapping!) and I LOVED it!  It was so funny. It is now one of my favorite Christmas movies.  I would love to live in a festive neighborhood like the Kranks! haha! 

Guess what tomorrow is…….

Our ultrasound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m am so excited yet nervous too! 

We still haven’t decided how and when we want to tell people the gender.  A gender party sounds so fun….but it’s kind of hard to do right here at Christmas.  Plus our favorite bakery will be closed for two weeks around Christmas.  :(  So no special blue or pink cake.  

I have been feeling little movements in my tummy lately.  It has been hard to tell for awhile.  But Sunday while our pastor was preaching I felt something different and I was for sure it was the baby moving.  Then it did it several other times! I was almost laughing! The baby hasn’t moved like that since Sunday….so he or she must like to hear preaching! :)

We had a Christmas gathering with our best friends over the weekend!  I have the most wonderful friends in the world! These are a few fun pictures we took together….



We noticed that all of us have brown hair! We said we needed a blonde friend!

Well actually one of our friends is actually more blonde…but she just dyed her hair dark brown!

Here is a little sneak peak of our Christmas card photo……


My mom took the pictures for us.  This isn’t the one in our Christmas card but I really liked it!  Maddie was a good girl!

Oh and Maddie got her picture with Santa over the weekend!  haha! 


Sorry this is a picture of a picture so the quality is terrible! We loved this picture cause her little tongue is sticking out! 

We had cocoa last night!!!!!!!

We cooked dinner again last night!!!!!!!

And I walked on the treadmill last night!!!!!!!!!!! success! 

Have a blessed day friends!




Rebekah said...

I can't believe Christmas is so close! Yay for your ultrasound!! I SO wanted to take Glenda to go see Santa, but it just didn't work out. There's always next year I suppose!

Emily said...

OMGoodness so cute! I need to get Louie's picture taken with Santa-how stinkin' cute!? Where did you get that done?

Beth Ann said...

Very cute! Christmas will be a good time to share the news! Could always wrap something girly or boyish up for someone to open to reveal the gender! :)

Jamie Leigh said...

So cute! I love that family picture, and the one of Maddie with Santa! I have never seen Christmas with the Kranks...I will definitely have to over break!

Tami said...

Good luck at your ultrasound tomorrow! I remember feeling so nervous too! I can't wait to find out what you are having. So exciting!

Jessica said...

I have an ultrasound tomorrow too!! Enjoy those little fluttery kicks, they'll be full fledged summersaults before you know it!

Natalie said...

yayy i cant wait to find out what you're having! don't leave us hanging for tooooo long :)
i took ellie to see santa a few years back-it was so hilarious!!

Laura said...

Such cute pictures! Excited for you!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Looking forward to hearing what Baby Sheperd is! :) so fun!!