Thursday, April 14, 2011

i need blog help.

sunshine....running club....strawberry hair....blackberries....prayer walking....funny husband....

so far this week has been delightful!

check engine light on car....finally doing our taxes (boo!)....

a few things are trying to bring me down this week!

this morning the check engine light came on in my car. stinks! phyllis nefler (our car's name) has a few other problems and needs to go see the car doctor soon.

(p.s. our car is named after the movie troop beverly hills) :)

i have a question for all of my savvy blog friends....

***several of you reply back to me in an email after i have commented on your posts......well, i think that is just so sweet and i love it!!! the thing is....i didn't know you could do that and i would love to know how! i hope no one thinks i am rude because i haven't ever sent you a reply email. i just didn't know you could do that until recently. :) do i send you an email reply after you leave me a comment? if you can help me with my question....would you mind commenting or sending me an email? thank you so much! i am always learning something new on blogger!

oh and i got my hair cut and colored! yay! it was about time! i will post a before and after pic soon. i just love my hair stylist! she is so talented and a great friend to me. (she also waxed my eyebrows for me too! o u c h i e!!!!!!!!)

running club is going well. i really enjoy it. surprisingly i have enjoyed challenging myself with running. it is so different than spending 30 minutes on the elliptical machine or 45 minutes doing zumba (however....all those things are still great workouts!) running is just a different challenge. i can't imagine how i will be able to run for 45 minutes without stopping someday. it seems impossible right now....but i know i will be able to as i keep truckin' along!

my new verse i am memorizing:

"you will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you,because he trusts in you."

isaiah 26:3

have a beautiful and glorious afternoon and evening! :)




Ryan V. said...

Hey amanda! I can't wait to see your before and after hair pics! I looove getting my hair done! I like for them to wash my hair and it always smells so good because they use really nice shampoo that I'm too cheap to buy! lol Anyway, here's how I think you set up the email thing...from your blog, go to dashboard, then settings tab, then comments, then scroll down to comment notification email. Make sure your email address is typed in there, and then save. I think in order to reply to comments through email, you have to first receive comments to your email. Like I get all of my comments send to my email (phone) so I can check it and send a quick "thank you" reply or to answer a quick question. Hope this helps!!

Rebekah said...

Our check engine light has been on for months, and it's been to the car doctor! Nothing is wrong with it. Weird? There's a ways to set it up so you get comments to your email so you can reply back. I think by clicking on settings and then comments, you should be able to put in your email address for notifications. It's been awhile since I set mine up, but it should be like something like that!

Theresa said...

I use blogger and have my settings set so that I have to approve each comment before it is posted. So I receive an email each time someone leaves a comment. I hit publish and it is posted on my blog. Then I just hit reply to that email and write to them. Hope that makes sense :)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I always get all comments notified to me by email. I can reply to them by clicking on the email, then reply just like any kind of email. But, sometimes people have set it up so that you cannot reply that way. In those cases, I think they don't want their email shared so there is no way to reply that way. I don't know if this helps?

Hope you are having a great day!

Alisha said...

Your comments should come to your gmail account if your email is linked to you blogger account in the comment settings. Just hit reply like you would a regular email and you can write back to the author of the comment! :)

Let me know if need anything else.

Breanna Veth said...

if you learn how to do that email thing.. will you email me the answer?! I was just wondering the same thing! and yay for running club! just keep trucking, the more you run the easier it gets to go further :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda! Do you have your blogger settings set so that you get emailed your comments? Then you can reply as long as the person has an email address linked to their profile. Some people have a "noreply" at blogger email that you can't respond to. Hope that helps!

Brittney Galloway said...

I would LOVE to know the answer to that blog emailing question...I've always wondered, I just haven't figured it out!