Friday, March 25, 2011

Mission Trip Update- Part 3!

This evening is sooooooo amazing! Why you ask? Tim and I don't have to be ANYWHERE tonight! It is fabulous. This is the first night since we have been back from Uruguay that we don't have to be anywhere. I am truly soaking it in. I cooked a yummy dinner, did laundry, did some's the simple things....but those things have been neglected lately. Now, me and the Mr. are just chillin on the couch! This blog post is part 3 of pictures from our mission trip. These first few pictures are of the buildings and homes in Rosario. Things are very colorful there! I love it!

This picture is what the homes look like in the outskirts of the city. Very poor and not as colorful.

These next few pictures are of some of the sweet people that attend a small church in the town of Villa Pancha. The people from that church went out with us into the town of Rosario (where there is no church) and handed out the Gospel of John and talked to people. They went with us as we prayer walked the town. They helped us hand out invitations to homes for a kid's club and a movie night we had during the week. They were such a blessing to our team! I got to know a lot of the church it made it really sad to leave them! It is so neat to know there are Christians all over this world and you immediately have a connection with them because of the love of Jesus! It is amazing!

These are the sweet women of the church in Villa Pancha! Some women from our church in Springfield, MO made these aprons for us to take with us and give to them. They loved them!

My husband was able to speak one evening at the church! He did a wonderful job! That is one of the translators with him.

This is the church during one of the worship services! It was incredible to hear them worship in Spanish. If it was a song we knew in English....we would sing along in English while they were singing in Spanish. It was the coolest thing and brought tears to my eyes! We were there to encourage the people in that church....but in return...they were such a blessing and encouragement to us! They have such hospitality and love in their hearts! They also have a HUGE desire and burden for their city.
That is all for this update! :) I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of Love,


Laurel Lee Creativity said...

these photos make me want to travel! now!

Theresa said...

Don't you just love when you set out to be an encouragement and end up being encouraged! Sounds like such a wonderful, blessed time.

Anonymous said...

What amazing blessings you got to be/receive! Love the cute aprons :) Glad you got to rest a bit the other night finally!

Jessica said...

Those aprons are adorable and I bet your hubby did a fantastic job speaking!