Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An update from the Shepard’s!


Hi. Hello. How are you?

Yep, I’m here!

As you can see from the above picture, I am doubly blessed!  With the two most precious, adorable little girls.  Oh they have my heart. 

Eleanor just turned 2.  And she had a Bubble Guppies party…what time is it…it’s time for lunch!  (all you moms out there can sing along)


Rosalie is 10 months!!!  Yes she is THAT close to 1.  I can’t…


Rosie’s birthday has snuck up on me, so I really need to get to party planning! 


And then there is my hubby Tim!  My bestest friend and the most incredible daddy ever! 

I really hope and would really like to start updating my blog again! We will see!!!!! 

This week we are really busy with a youth camp at our church, Tim working on school, Eleanor playing in the sprinkler, Rosie trying to pull up on every.single.thing., trying to keep up our healthy eating (we cut out soda for a bit!), (missing Dr. Pepper 10!), and trying to work on some house projects! 

Oh and can I just say…have you had a Sonic Nerd’s Slushie??????  Yes yes yes…this was before we started our sugar cleanse. ha!  But oh mylanta, they are amazing!  And you need one.  They taste like summer!


Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!




Leigh Anne said...

Welcome back! Great picture of the four of y'all! :)

Breeann said...

So good to see an update from you!! I'm glad to see you guys are doing well. And your girls are SO big!! xoxo